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Stress Management Training
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Stress Management Training - Atlanta - GA - Georgia

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Stress Management Training - Atlanta - GA - Georgia Stress Management Training - Atlanta - GA - Georgia
Course Description:
Stress Management Training - Stress Training & Management Seminars
Stress in the workplace is a major issue in many ways.  Stressed employees are less productive and this can be costly to a business. Morale and staff retention can also be affected and hiring and training new workers is neither time- nor cost-effective.  Give your managers and employees the skills they need to perform at their optimal levels with our stress workshops and seminars.

Dr. Kathleen Hall offers corporate stress relief training and will customize courses based on the needs and issues within your organization. This stress reduction training will dramatically benefit employees both in their personal lives and on the job.  It will enhance communication, focus and productivity even in the most challenging circumstances.  Stress reduction can also provide significant relief from pain, medical issues and sleep interruption and increase calmness and clarity of mind.   

Courses range from one to six hours and can be scheduled for half or full days.  There are a variety of stress workshop and seminar topics from which to choose, including:
  • Own Your Own Happiness: Four Essential Virtues Happy People Know
  • Living a Life in Balance: The Roots of True Happiness
  • Live an Intentional LifeT: Discovering Authentic Work-Life Balance
  • Diversity in the Global Workplace
  • Living an Intentional LifeT: Opportunity Knocks
  • Your Glass Half Full? The Power of Optimism
  • Stress Solutions: Stress Reduction 101
  • Successful Aging
  • Solutions to Corporate Health Care Costs: Reduce Sick Days, Insurance Costs and Increase Health and Productivity
  • Lighten Up! Weight Loss Program for the Life of Your Employees
  • Burnout: The Symptoms and Cures
  • Corporate Wellness Program
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