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  • Course description
    Add 10 More Productive Hours to Your Week....Guaranteed.
    Overworked and feeling stressed?
    Are your "to-do" lists getting longer and longer?
    Do you just need more hours in the day?

    We have the answer.

    Freedom Personal Development's Time Management Workshop will show you exactly how to add 10 more productive hours to your week. Our job is to help you become more productive in less time. Period.

    You will learn how to:
    • Add an additional 10 productive hours to your week - every week 
    • Achieve more in less time (while de-stressing your life)
    • Develop a laser-like focus on your goals 
    • Find quality and quantity time for personal relationships 
    • Re-discover passions in your life...and the time to pursue them
    This isn't your ordinary Time Management workshop. We don't just want you to gain more hours to be more productive at work. Sure, that helps and you'll make more money.

    But we also want you to free up more time for your family, your passions, the things that really matter.

    This workshop is literally a time management blueprint for life. If you want to make more money and get more done, while having more time for yourself, your loved ones, and your own passions, read on...

    Your "blueprint for life" includes these strategies and tools:
    • 10 tips to increase efficiency and power-up productivity (just two or three of these ideas are worth the investment in enrolling)
    • The 2 most important time management questions you need to answer 
    • An easy way to identify your priorities, and make time for all of them
    • 7-step formula for creating an effective schedule based on your priorities (and the one thing you need to do to stay on track)
    • How to effectively deal with interruptions during the day
    • 4 components you must have to make this your best year ever
    • The absolute best thing you can do to achieve more (most people will never do this, but it's simple, and you can start while you're at the workshop) 
    • How to compress a deadline to free up more time 
    • How to schedule time for fun
    • What your short and long term goals are and when to time to accomplish them
    • A list of the best books and resources to give you ongoing support
    "This seminar provided actual tools that I can implement right away, not just theories."
    - Chyrel Madden, Real Estate Agent, Randall Morris Real Estate

    Benefits you will enjoy:
    • 10 more productive hours in your week 
    • Maximum return on every work hour invested 
    • Less stress, guilt and anxiety
    • More free time
    • Higher productivity in every area of your life 
    • A happier, more successful, more enthusiastic new version of you!
    Is it easy? Nope, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

    Is it simple? Most definitely. We'll give you action steps you can take home and implement immediately.
    Bottom line results? You will:
    • Add an additional 10 hours to your week - guaranteed 
    • Accomplish more at work...in less time 
    • Spend more relaxed time with loved ones 
    • Enjoy more guilt-free time for your passions and pastimes 
    • Quite possibly have your most productive year ever!
    Freedom Personal Development puts on five workshops a month, all over the U.S. In the past twelve years, we've helped over 20,000 people just like you.

    Who should attend?
    • Busy professionals
    • Success-oriented people like you
    • Business owners
    • Salespeople
    • Managers
    "I really enjoyed this course and was happy to find that it was not just about time, but rather the other components that effect our use of time.آ It was also refreshing to learn skills that are very simple and easy to implement RIGHT NOW without feeling overwhelmed.”
    - John Mikesh, Lake Realty

    More of what you will learn:
    • The amazing revelations a time journal can reveal  
    • The right way and the wrong way to use technology 
    • Why "life balance" is not what you should be striving for
    • What myths of time management are holding you back
    • A time management "buzz word" that should be wiped out of the English language 
    • The best time and place to create a schedule
    • The one thing you need to do to stick to your schedule
    • How to differentiate between activity and accomplishment
    • How to accomplish your goals and be available for others
    By the end of this time management seminar you will have learned the skills to make the most of your day so you can get more done AND have time left over to enjoy your accomplishments.

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