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  • Objectives
    Complete the certificate online without interrupting your personal or professional life

    Earn your certificate in one semester

    Experience a learning model that combines relevant theory with real-world application for immediate results

    Develop a valuable and culminating portfolio which will assist in your search for teaching positions

    Learn from an institution whose core values – challenge, rigor, structure and discipline – derive from the influence of a long and proud history
  • Course description
    The TL program is a 12-credit certificate comprised of two, six-credit seminars. Students will have the option of taking the seminars on a non-credit basis.

    Weekly Topics

    Seminar 1—Teaching and Learning I:

    Week 1:     What is a Good Teacher?
    Week 2:     The Face of the 21st Century Classroom
    Week 3:     How Do People Learn?
    Week 4:     Building a Positive Learning Environment
    Week 5:     Choosing Content
    Week 6:     Identifying Learning Outcomes and Assessing learning
    Week 7:     Learning about Learning Strategies—I
    Week 8:     Learning about Learning Strategies—II
    Week 9:     Choosing and Using Media to Enhance Learning
    Week 10:     Designing and Presenting a Learning Experience
    Week 11:     Your Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

    Seminar 2—Teaching and Learning II:

    Week 1:     What Makes a Good Course—Design and Framing Factors to Consider
    Week 2:     Designing for Student Motivation
    Week 3:     The Components of an Effective Syllabus
    Week 4:     Developing a Course Description, Learning Outcomes and Assessments
    Week 5:     Choosing Effective Learning Strategies
    Week 6:     Selecting Readings, Tools and Websites
    Week 7:     The Importance of Policy (i.e., FERPA, grades, plagiarism, class participation, lateness, ADA)
    Week 8:     The Ever-Changing Technology Landscape
    Week 9:     Putting it Together —Your Course Syllabus
    Week 10:     The Importance of Reflective Practice
    Week 11:     Completing Your Portfolio

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