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    When was the last time you had training to develop or polish your reading skills?
    For most people, the answer is grade school. With the mass amounts of information available today from the internet, books, emails and magazines, many people feel overloaded with the material they have to read.
    What would you do if you could read two or three times faster than you do now?
    Imagine the impact on your life, business and growth if you had the time to read more books, industry journals, newspapers or simply get through your email inbox!

    Start Reading Smart
    During this complimentary meeting, you and your group will learn how to improve productivity, reduce stress, and most importantly, increase the bottom line with time saving strategies for reading faster and remembering more.

    During the Start Reading Smart meeting, you will discover:
    • Techniques to improve your reading immediately
    • How the Myths of Reading are holding you back (and what the truths about reading are!)
    • How to reduce your reading time
    • What your current reading speed and comprehension level
    • How reading impacts every aspect of your life
    Benefits of Becoming a Faster Reader Include:
    • Reading More in Less Time
      You will double or even triple the amount you read in the same amount of time.
      Cut the time you spend reading emails, your "To-Read' pile, fiction or nonfiction books, web pages, technical material, newspapers and magazines.
    • Drastically Increasing Your Concentration
      The faster you read the more you pay attention and focus on what you are doing.
    • Understanding Material with Greater Depth and Accuracy
      Whether you are reading for work or pleasure, as your concentration improves, your understanding of the material will improve.
    • Retaining More Information
      Remember information more efficiently as your concentration and focus increase.
    • Enjoying Reading More
      Enjoy reading more as you build confidence and competence in your reading skills.

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