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    The Fearless Presentations ® seminar is the fastest, easiest way to reduce stage fright and the fear of public speaking. This 2-day presentation training seminar helps participants gain poise and confidence in front of a group — fast!Stage Fright is still the #1 fear in America. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the confidence that we show when we deliver business presentations . A person who can stand in front of a group, with poise and confidence, can immediately create the perception of competency. However, a person who is shy and timid in front of a group will have a tough time convincing the audience that he is capable.
    This seminar will help you reduce nervousness, get rid of the butterflies, stop the shaky hands, and eliminate the sweaty palms . This workshop will help you feel as comfortable presenting to a group as you are talking to a friend in the office. Class members tell us that one reason results come fast in this seminar, is because they’re actually having fun (feeling safe) while practicing, stretching, and engraining new skills.

    Day #1: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    • 10 Ways to Eliminate the Butterflies in the Stomach, the Shaky Hands, the Sweaty Palms, and the Panic that Comes from Losing your Train of Thought!
    • How to Give Your Entire Business Presentation without any Notes.
    • A Secret to Great Introductions.
    • Becoming more Clear and Concise.
    • The Power of Stories and Examples.
    • A Simple Technique that will Reduce 90% of Nervousness in Seconds!
    Lunch Break
    • The Persuasive Speech — Win People to Your Way of Thinking.
    • Magnifying Your Strengths and Reducing Your Weaknesses as a Speaker
    • How to Write a World-Class, Compelling Speech in Just Minutes.
    • Adding Evidence to Your Presentation (not Just Data).
    Day #2: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    • Five ways to add energy or enthusiasm to any presentation.
    • 10 Ways to Add Impact to Your Presentations.
    • Using Audience Participation to Gain “Buy-In” from Your Group
    • How Analogies can Help You Make Technical Business Presentations Easier to Understand.
    • 26 PowerPoint Secrets that make Slideshows a SNAP!
    Lunch Break
    • Q&A Made EASY!
    • Impromptu Speaking

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