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  • Course description
    When was the last time you had ANY reading training? If you are like most, it was way back in elementary school! The reading habits you acquired back then were appropriate for a young reader, but they probably don't work well today as you struggle to process mountains of printed information, both on paper AND on-screen.
    The Reading Smart Workshop is for you if:
    • You have little time to read a lot
    • You daydream a lot when you read
    • You feel you're a slow reader
    • You are overwhelmed with all you have to read
    • You read a lot on-screen
    • You are returning to school
    • You haven't had any reading training since elementary school
    • You have always wanted to take a speed reading class!
    The Reading Smart Workshop is our proven speed reading training for busy professionals who want to learn time saving strategies to read faster, comprehend more, concentrate better and retain more easily. The workshop is a hands-on and experiential accelerated learning program that will boost your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension.

    Reading Smart Workshop Guarantees
    1. Double your reading speed
    2. Increase the amount of information you comprehend
    3. Learn 15 proven strategies for reading faster on paper and screen
    4. Decrease your existing reading workload by 70%
    This speed reading workshop is the quick tune-up your eyes and brain deserve. You will learn what your current reading speed is, what it means and more importantly, some simple strategies to make it better and faster. You will get a chance to try out all the methods to see which one(s) might work best for you. You will get rid of any guilt associated with not getting to your "later" pile and replace it with productivity, confidence and complete reading satisfaction.
    Workshop Overview
    This general outline provides time for interactivity and eyes-on exercises where you work to achieve YOUR personal best.
    • 5 Reasons Why You May Be Overwhelmed
    • 5 Common Misconceptions that Increase Your "To Read" Pile (and 6 Strategies to Reduce it!)
    • What Your Reading Speed is Right Now
    • What Your Reading Speed Means
    • 10 Reading Myths (and their Truths)
    • 3 Most Common Habits that Reduce Reading Speed
    • 13 Methods to Read More Effectively (that are NOT taught in schools)
    • 3 Simple Ways to Read Better and Faster On Paper AND On-Screen
    • Top 10 Reading Distractions (and How to Reduce Them!)
    • Making Your Reading Pile More Quality
    • 3 Types of Comprehension and When to Use Them
    • Cheat Reading (aka "Finding the Important Information Quickly!")
    Developed by Abby Marks Beale, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed Reading , the Reading Smart Workshop teaches tips, tools and strategies you can use immediately to make a BIG dent in the piles of reading you face daily both on paper, books, magazines, on-screen and your email inbox. You will also feel more confident and competent as a result of the reading training.

    You will learn how to:
    • Read more in less time
    • Get the important information quickly without wasting valuable time
    • Concentrate better and remember more
    • Read better and faster on paper AND on-screen
    • Conquer information overload
    • Surf in Web more efficiently
    • Receive higher test score if you are continuing your education
    • Gain confidence in your reading ability

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