Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Online

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  • Entry requirements
    Any individual who is motivated to pursue Six Sigma certification but unable to attend a traditional classroom training course:
    o Project Manager
    o Team leaders
    o Programmers/Systems analysts
    o Team members who will participate in improvement projects
    o Candidates seeking to continue for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • Academic title
    After successful completion of this program, participants will be certified as Six Sigma Green Belts.
  • Course description
    The participants will be able to form and facilitate Six Sigma teams and manage basic Six Sigma projects. They will also be able to implement tools, techniques and practices to achieve cost reductions and quality improvement within their organization.

    The maximum duration of the online course is four months, though it was designed to be completed within 7 weeks. During this time, you have full access to the course content.   You can study at your own pace and on your own schedule as long as you fulfill the workload that is assigned weekly. Your instructor is available for guidance, discussions and to give you feedback on your course work throughout the duration of the course.

    Many of the assignments require that you participate with other students in discussions on the Discussion Board. The ability to look at and discuss the work of others is one of the value-added portions of our online course.

    You will need Microsoft Excel software to complete several of the exercises.  You may also find it convenient to submit scanned images to complete some of the exercises.   The course is delivered using The Blackboard Academic Suite.   Blackboard software has become the most popular and proven online learning solution in the world.  
    Successful completion of the course assignments along with a grade of 70% or better on the final examination will result in your certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt.
    Statistical software (i.e. MINITAB) will not be used or taught in the Green Belt program.  Examples of the use of Excel will be given in those instances where it can be used to produce charts, graphs or statistical analysis.  You will need Microsoft Excel software to complete several of the exercises.  You will also need to submit scanned images to complete some of the exercises. 

    The curriculum for this course is aligned with the recommendations of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and iSixSigma, the official publication of the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP).  The course will focus more on service and information systems/information technology than manufacturing, although examples from both types of businesses will be included. 

    The Project Management portions of the course are aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as published by the Project Management Institute.  The course will stress the connection between project management and Six Sigma, and how project managers can and will be more successful when using the Six Sigma approach and Six Sigma tools and techniques.

    Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training Objectives
    • The overall goals of this course are:
        • Teach you how to think differently and do things differently when solving problems and improving processes
        • Assess your level of learning through exercises and practical application
        • Emphasize real-world application of what is learned in the course
        • Know when to rely on a Six Sigma Black Belt for statistical analysis
        • Help you achieve your personal, professional and career goals
    Role of the Green Belt
    • Form and facilitate Six Sigma teams
    • Manage basic Six Sigma projects
    • Assist Black Belts in data collection and analysis and process mapping
    • Implement tools, techniques and practices to achieve cost reduction and quality improvement
    Six Sigma Green Belt Topics
    • Introductions and Getting Started
    • What Is Six Sigma?
    • Y = f(X)
    • Benefits and Impact of Six Sigma
    • Critical to Quality Characteristics
    • Common Cause and Special Cause Variation
    • Process Capability
    • Overview of Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints
    • Six Sigma Infrastructure Roles and Responsibilities
    • Selecting Six Sigma Projects
    • The Project Charter
    • Elements of a Project Plan
    • Identifying Customers and Stakeholders
    • Defining Customer Needs
    • Basic Measurement Concepts
    • Data Collection Techniques
    • Establishing Baseline Performance
    • Descriptive Statistics and Probability
    • The Histogram
    • The Pareto Chart
    • The Run Chart
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • The Perfect Business Process
    • The Scatter Diagram
    • Generating Alternative Solutions
    • Synthesizing Solutions
    • Source Inspection and Mistake Proofing
    • Selecting a Solution
    • Standardized Work Instructions
    • The Process Management Plan and Project Closure

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