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Vision & Purpose

Baker University is a premier private university with a tradition of academic excellence and student engagement in a respectful, inviting and values-based learning community. The faculty provides creative, student-focused learning experiences challenging students to analyze issues with depth and clarity. Students fully engage in their learning; connect with peers, faculty and staff; and develop lifelong relationships with diverse groups of people. Graduates realize their potential to become confident, competent contributors to society.


Baker University is committed to assuring student learning, and developing confident, competent and responsible contributors to society.


In the tradition of our United Methodist heritage, Baker University values:

    * Student learning and academic excellence. We provide quality learning environments promoting intellectual, professional and personal development resulting in lifelong learning.
    * Critical thinking, inquiry and freedom of expression. We challenge all participants to think critically using open inquiry and freedom of expression.
    * Integrating learning with faith and values. We expect all participants to be open to questions of faith and values as part of intellectual inquiry in the United Methodist tradition. In particular, we expect personal and professional responsibility that is based on high standards of ethical conduct.
    * Connections. We promote a community of belonging and Baker family connections, which result in lifelong associations.Inclusiveness. We embrace diversity of community, thought and expression.
    * Service to the community. We address the civic, social, health and environmental needs of our global community.

Courses and Masters at this school

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