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  • Course description
    Our 43-credit-hour MBA program prepares you for the issues and challenges you will face in management positions.
    • Acquire skills in collaboration and leadership.
    • Learn to apply business knowledge in today’s dynamic business environment.
    • Complete this program in 22 to 24 months.
    MBA Courses

    Based on reasonable projections of faculty availability and appropriate curriculum considerations, the following courses can change as deemed necessary by Baker University to fulfill its role and mission. It takes approximately 22 months to fulfill the curriculum requirements. Courses must be completed in the order recommended by the University

    MBA 511 – Orientation to Graduate Education

    This course makes students aware of graduate education expectations and responsibilities. It focuses on understanding individual and group requirements and resources that students needed to be successful in a graduate degree program. (1 credit)

    MBA 524 – Principles of Organizational Management

    Principles of Organizational Management develop students' managerial skills as organizers, facilitators, communicators, and team builders. It defines specific management skills and functions, presents actions that contribute to goal achievement, and identifies attributes that enhance successful organizational performance. (3 credits)

    MBA 570 – Information Systems Decisions in Management

    Information System Decisions in Management allows students to explore and evaluate the roles of information systems in making strategic organizational decisions. The course introduces different approaches to contemporary issues in electronic business and commerce. (4 credits)

    MBA 556 – Accounting Applications for Management

    This course teaches students to understand accounting principles so they can interpret financial statements. Learn to make proper managerial and investment decisions by getting to know revenue estimation, cost accounting, inventory valuation, depreciation, ratio analysis, and funds flow statements. (3 credits)

    MBA 535 – Human Resource Management

    This course deals with recruitment, training, evaluation, and promotion of today’s increasingly diverse employees. Study how to attract, secure, enable, and retain productive employees as part of a multicultural workforce. The course also covers issues related to compliance with employment laws and regulations. (3 credits)

    MBA 554 – Managerial Finance

    Learn about methods for determining the optimal volume and composition of firm assets, liabilities, and equity in this course. Focus on the theory and practice of capital budgeting and asset financing. Prerequisites: MBA 570, 556. (4 credits)

    MBA 514 – Legal Environment of Business

    Examine the legal environment of business and get to know its effects on business decisions. Study contracts, commercial law, consumer law, business regulation, and ethics. (3 credits)

    MBA 562 - Economic Aspects of Business Decisions

    Managers and aspiring managers learn to use economic concepts to make sound business decisions. The course focuses on determining product prices, minimizing organizational costs, and maximizing company profits. (3 credits)

    MBA 533 – Innovative Business Thinking

    Using principles of creative thinking, graduate students discover goal setting and life balance techniques to enhance professional decision making. In addition, students develop an appreciation for innovations that change the way we live. Learn how to use that knowledge to identify future world-changing innovations. (3 credits)

    MBA 542 - Business Statistics and Analysis

    This course introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics and their applicability to business decisions. Explore measures of central tendency and variability, probability theory, estimation and hypothesis testing, and regression models. Prerequisites: MBA 570 (4 credits)

    MBA 553 – Marketing Management and Strategy

    This course presents strategies for optimal marketing and distribution of products and services. Examine how marketing consequences influence the decisions marketing managers make. The course emphasizes product planning, promotion, distribution, and pricing based on theories of consumer behavior and market segmentation. (3 credits)

    MBA 580 – Executive Leadership

    This course focuses on the development of leadership potential to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s dynamic environment. Students learn about values alignment, knowledge, and skills that foster positive relationships and promote organizational progress. (3 credits)

    MBA 531 – Business in Today’s Global Environment

    This course provides material describing the institutions and operations involved in international businesses. Students learn to adapt managerial policies and practices to the global business environment. (3 credits)

    MBA 590 – Strategic Planning for Competitive Organizations

    This capstone course teaches students to develop long-range strategies for an organization. Applying the skills and knowledge they have gained in MBA courses, students identify an organization’s competitive advantages and apply them in designing and implementing strategic plans. Use case studies and simulation exercises to support and illustrate the decision-making process. This must be the last course completed in the MBA degree program. (3 credits)

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