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  • Course description

    Our MSCS program focuses on bleeding-edge Object Role Modeling concepts and techniques universally accepted as the future direction of software development. Naturally, this is considered a highly marketable skill.
    What does that mean?

    Business system development is frequently riddled with frustration due to breakdowns in communication; stories of software that fails to meet business needs are commonplace. These pressures have fueled a growing interest in developing software by modeling business problems -- essentially, charting out how a process works, what the needs are for the software at any specific place in the process, and then using a plain language approach to build the software solutions needed.

    Creating these business models has become a critical part of the software plans of Microsoft, IBM and others. Fortunately for you, Neumont's MSCS program is all about teaching students what they need to know to build modern business information models in real-world environments.

    Neumont’s MSCS program was developed by our distinguished Dr. Tony Morgan, PhD who is considered an expert in the field.
    Program Components:

    The MSCS program is comprised of three main components:

        * Advanced Computing Seminars
        * Lecture and Labs
        * Research Projects

    program Focus:

    The MSCS program places an emphasis on Model Driven Development, Information Modeling, and Business Rules, including concepts and techniques to:

        * Model business information at a conceptual level where it can be easily validated with domain experts
        * Model business processes at a conceptual level
        * Capture static and dynamic business rules
        * Transform business models into executable code
        * Specify appropriate enterprise architectures
        * Design data warehouses and business intelligence solutions
        * Effectively utilize data model and process model patterns

    The Masters program is available for full and part time students and may be completed in as little as one year.
    Program Flexibility:

    The program has been designed with flexibility in mind and prospective MSCS students can attend classes full time or part time. In the interest of full-disclosure, you should know that this isn't going to be a walk in the park. We're serious about the education we provide our students, so don't let the quick timeframe fool you: this is a very aggressive program.

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