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  • Objectives
    Students learn how to:
    * Develop an understanding of important concepts for developing an Internet marketing strategy.
    * Determine whether a product or service is right for the Web and learn principles for attracting a target audience through design.
    * Develop a concept for a company, product, or service that is marketable online, creating a home page that will be used to market the company, product, or service.
    * Develop an understanding of the importance of good Web content to a marketing strategy.
    * Plan content and email marketing concepts ideas to market a product and establish its brand image.
    * Develop an understanding of how search engine optimization works and learn tips for optimizing a site for search engine placement.
    * Optimize a company/product/service home page for the major search engines.
    * Identify and explain how community features such as message boards and chats can influence online marketing.
    * Plan a co-branded campaign with five Web partners, explaining the benefits of each partnership for a company, its partners, and its customers.
    * Learn the purpose and effectiveness of banner ads and explore approaches to buying and evaluating ads and keywords.
    * Design three banner ads, keyword ads, and landing pages for an online marketing campaign.
    * Explore methods for tracking online marketing campaigns including lead capture software and trackable URLs.
    * Develop an entire online marketing campaign for a sample fictional client.
  • Entry requirements
    To take this course you'll need:
    * Computer with Internet connection (56 Kbps modem or faster).
    * Basic experience in HTML or basic experience in/access to an HTML editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
    * Basic experience in/access to a digital imaging program such as Adobe Photoshop.
    * An account with a Web hosting service (free services are available).
  • Course description
    Learn proven strategies for marketing your business online
    Taking a business online? Building a commercial Web site for yourself or a client is just the start. To grow any business on the Internet, you'll need to market strategically to your customers, using a range for tools from content sharing to email marketing, search engine optimization, co-branding, ad buys, and more, to reach your target audience.

    In this 6-lesson Internet Marketing course, you'll learn practical skills for growing your business on the Web. Studying with a professional Internet marketing consultant, you'll learn how develop an entire marketing plan for your online business. Course projects will include target audience analysis, developing a site plan, creating a content development strategy, planning email marketing campaigns, optimizing for search engines, building a co-branding and community strategy, researching ad buys, and using site metrics.

    Whether you're looking to build a new business online or simply get better results from your existing Web site, this course will give you systematic strategies you can use right away. Web designers and marketing professionals will both benefit from this intensive course.

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