Intensive English Program - Level 6

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  • Objectives
    Level 6 is designed to help students fine-tune their advanced English language skills so students can speak, read, write, and listen with more sophistication and proficiency.
  • Course description
    1. Independently obtain, provide, and exchange key information for important personal tasks in complex routine and some non-routine situations.
    2. Actively and effectively participate in 30-minute formal exchanges about complex and abstract information in order to analyze, problem-solve, and make decisions.
    3. Comprehend main points, details, speaker's purpose, and levels of formality and style when communicating in moderately demanding contexts of language use.
    4. Understand an expanded range of concrete, abstract, and conceptual language. Determine mood, feelings, and attitudes.
    5. Read authentic multipuporse texts: newspaper items, short stories, popular novels, routine business documents, and sections of textbooks.
    6. Read in English for ideas and opinions to find general information, specific details, and content areas.
    7. Sufficiently grasp the meaning of text to paraphrase or summarize key points.
    8. Write to offer and request information, clarification, and confirmation. Also write to express feelings, opinions, and ideas to mostly familiar readers.
    9. Demonstrate good control over common sentence patterns, coordination, spelling, and mechanics.
    10. Interact and communicate with other English speakers in a culturally appropriate manner.

    A GEOS Intensive English class features a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on oral communication - speaking and listening. Well trained and highly qualified instructors help students improve their conversation skills through a variety of creative activities. There are six different levels of study, from beginner through advanced. A placement test helps us find the best class level for each student. At the end of each four-week session, each student will receive a written evaluation and have a one-on-one with one of their teachers. This is how we help you monitor your progress. After each three month semester, students receive a report card, and students receive a GEOS certificate when they finish their course.



    * Teacher instruction, no self-access.
    * Creative learning activities.
    * Four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
    * Small classes; Maximum of 14 students per class.
    * Professional, experienced, attentive instructors.
    * Enrollment every week.
    * Special services.

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