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  • Course description

    Our goal is to enable our students to speak the target language with proficiency in the shortest time possible. At CPLI, our students will start speaking a new language from the very first class. Over time, our talented teachers will help you master the language.

    We have devised two strategies to achieve this goal: First, students are instructed to use the targeted language as much as possible; second, our teachers use the Pyramid Drill Method, which enables students to establish an instinctive response to the new language very quickly. The structure of our language courses is comprised of the following:
    • Five levels of study
    • Four terms per level
    • 30 class hours per term
    • Eight- or fifteen-week terms

    Our Instructors:

    All of our instructors are skilled native speakers, who hold degrees from universities in their native countries, have previous tutoring experience, and have passed our intense written and oral tutoring tests and interviews. Our testing process guarantees that we employ only the most professional and accurate tutoring personnel.

    In addition to being professionals, our tutors are energetic, patient, and sensitive to their students' personal success. CPLI strives to match you with the perfect tutor for all your needs.

    Our Levels:
    • Level 1 (Elementary) Introduction to conversational essentials with an emphasis on pronunciation, basic grammar and vocabulary, and sentence construction.
    • Level 2 (Elementary-Intermediate) Intensive conversational practice, which aids in increasing grammar and vocabulary skills and developing sentence structure. For non-Latin character languages, further practice involves writing in the target language.
    • Level 3 (Intermediate) Introduction of more complex syntactic structure with an emphasis on conversational skills and comprehension. Class discussion concentrates on everyday topics and vocabulary. Introduction to text reading.
    • Level 4 (Intermediate-Advanced) Completion of core grammar and vocabulary of the language. Refinement of speaking style through intense conversational practice. Introduction to newspaper reading.
    • Level 5 (Advanced) Continued development for refined understanding of grammar and conversational fluency, paying close attention to idiomatic use of language and regional differences. Class reading materials selected from contemporary and classical texts to provide an in-depth understanding of the culture(s) in which the language is used.

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