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Basic Beginning Course (Italian 101) - Part-time

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  • Course description
    This course is designed for people approaching the language for the first time. The purpose is to provide students with basic vocabulary, grammar and word usage for oral communication: greeting, introducing, describing, and expressing simple thoughts. Lessons are mostly aimed to teach pronunciation, nouns, adjectives, numbers, and present tense of some common verbs, useful to carry simple short dialogues, without using complicated grammatical structures.

    In order to successfully complete this course, it is important that you always bring to class:
    Textbook: Avanti!
    Notebook and pen
    A small English-Italian dictionary (advisable, but not absolutely necessary)

    Students are expected to complete their homework and review previously covered material before coming to class. Studying a little bit every day is strongly recommended.
    Learning a foreign language requires consistent practice, repetition, and memorization.
    Please fully participate in class activities with teacher and other classmates.


    Course presentation; Introduction to language; Basic expressions; Practice
    Alphabet and basic phonetic; Greetings; Introduce yourself; Practice
    Numbers and dates; Months; Masculine and feminine; Practice
    Singular and plural; Articles; Express like and dislike; Vocab.
    Describe people and things; Colors; Adjectives; Present of “to be”; Conversation
    Present of “to have” and common expressions; Negative sentences; Conversation
    Possessive adjective; Practice reviewing chapter 1-2; Vocab.
    Tell the time; Talk about daily routine and free time; Days of the week; Practice
    Present tense of regular verbs; Group conversation
    Present tense of irregular verbs: Group conversation; Vocab.

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