Bachelor of Science in Physics

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  • Objectives
    The goal of a program of study in physics is to provide students with an understanding of the basic laws of physics and to develop skills that will enable students to further explore physical phenomena and to solve related problems. Students should have a sense of curiosity about their surroundings and a strong desire, not only to find solutions to problems that are encountered, but also to develop a deeper understanding of the basic principles involved. Students will be expected to develop a high level of mathematical skills and to become proficient in oral and written communications. Laboratory skills are also emphasized.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Science in Physics
  • Course description
    At the bachelor of science level, students will not be expected to specialize in any branch of physics. However, the curriculum does have room for electives, providing an opportunity to develop a minor in other fields of science or in an engineering discipline. It provides a background in applications of physics for students seeking employment in industry and also provides a solid foundation for graduate study in physics or in other fields such as geophysics, meteorology, metallurgy, computer science, mathematics, materials science, and many branches of engineering.

    Physics Curriculum Checklist Students are responsible for checking with their advisors for any program modifications that may occur after the publication of this catalog.

    Freshman Year
    First Semester MATH 123 Calculus I 4 CHEM 112 General Chemistry I 3 CHEM 112L General Chemistry I Lab 1 ENGL 101 Composition I 3 PE Physical Education 1
    IS 110 Explorations 2
    Humanities or Social Sciences Elective(s) 3 TOTAL 17 Second Semester MATH 125 Calculus II 4 PHYS 211 University Physics I 3 PE Physical Education 1 CHEM 114 General Chemistry II 3 CHEM 114L Gen Chemistry II Lab 1 CSC 150 Computer Science I 3 TOTAL 15

    Sophomore Year
    First Semester
    MATH 225 Calculus III 4
    PHYS 213 University Physics II 3
    PHYS 213L University Physics II Lab 1
    PHYS 275 Relativity 3
    ENGL 279 Technical Comm I 3
    Humanities or Social Sciences Elective(s) 3
    TOTAL 17

    Second Semester
    MATH 321 Differential Equations 4
    EE 220 Circuits I 4
    ENGL 289 Technical Comm II 3
    Humanities or Social Sciences Elective(s) 6
    TOTAL 17

    Junior Year
    First Semester
    MATH 432 Partial Differential Equations 3
    PHYS 341 Thermodynamics 2
    PHYS 343 Statistical Physics 2
    PHYS 312 Exper. Physics Design I 2
    CENG 244 Intro to Digital Systems 4
    PHYS 451 Classical Mechanics 4
    TOTAL 17

    Second Semester
    MATH 315 Linear Algebra
    3 PHYS 471 Quantum Mechanics 4
    PHYS 314 Exper. Physics Design II 2
    Math/Computer Science Electives 3
    Humanities or Social Sciences Electives 3
    TOTAL 15

    Senior Year
    First Semester
    PHYS 421 Electromagnetism 4
    PHYS 361 Optics1 3
    PHYS 412 Advanced Design Projects I 2
    PHYS 481 Mathematical Physics1 4
    Humanities or Social Sciences Elective(s) 2
    TOTAL 15

    Second Semester
    PHYS 433 Nuclear and Particle Physics1 3
    PHYS 439 Solid State Physics1 4
    PHYS 414 Advanced Design Projects II 2
    Math/Physics Electives 3
    Humanities or Social Sciences Elective(s) 3
    TOTAL 15

    128 credits required for graduation

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