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B.S. in Physics
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B.S. in Physics - Claremont - CA - California

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B.S. in Physics - Claremont - CA - California B.S. in Physics - Claremont - CA - California
Course Description:
The physics major places a strong empahsis on computational and numerical techniques while still retaining the core material common to all physics majors. Many problems which are not readily solvable using traditional analytic methods will be incorporated into the program, and the solutions will involve numerical integration, computer modeling, and other numerical techniques introduced in the classroom and laboratory. The major in physics requires the following eleven courses:

   1. Physics 33-34, General Physics
   2. Physics 35, Modern Physics
   3. Physics 100, Computational Physics and Engineering
   4. Physics 101, Intermediate Mechanics
   5. Physics 102, Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
   6. Physics 108, Fortran for Science and Engineering, or Computer Science 50, or other computer science course chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor.
   7. Physics 114, Quantum Mechanics: A Numerical Methods Approach
   8. Physics 115, Statistical Mechanics with Numerical Approach and Application
   9. Physics 190L or 191 or 188L-190L. In general, a one-semester thesis (191) is an extensive library research thesis; (190L) is a one-semester experimental thesis; and a two-semester thesis (188L and 190L) is a laboratory or field research project. Students with a two-semester thesis normally take 188L, Senior Research, in the Fall.


   1. Mathematics 31, 32 or 111, Calculus II, III or Differential Equations, are prerequisites for several advanced physic courses.
   2. Chemistry 14, Basic Principles of Chemistry, is recommended
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