Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

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  • Course description

    Chemistry major
    The core major provides a firm background for entry into the chemistry job market, for advanced study in the discipline, for advanced study in a related discipline, or a foundation for various professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law or library science.

    Successful graduates
    Our majors have been very successful in gaining entrance to graduate and professional programs and in obtaining jobs in the chemical industry or in secondary education. The vast majority are in positions for which their experiences at Alfred are an essential prerequisite.

    American Chemical Society approved degree

    The ACS-approved degree requires the core major plus six additional credit hours. Students completing the additional credits will be certified to ACS upon graduation and are immediately eligible to join ACS. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or who desire a nationally certified degree should consider the additional course work.

    Major Requirements

    Core major
    Thirty eight credits of Chemistry, 8 credits of math and 8 credits of physics:

    CHEM 105-106 General Chemistry I and II
    CHEM 315-316 Organic Chemistry I and II (prerequisite CHEM 106)
    CHEM 321 Intro to Analytical Chemistry (prerequisite CHEM 106)
    CHEM 343 Physical Chemistry I (prerequisite CHEM 106, MATH 152, PHYS 112 or 126)
    CHEM 346 Physical Chemistry II (prerequisite CHEM 343 or CEMS 235, MATH 152)
    CHEM 345 Physical Chemistry Laboratory (prerequisite CHEM 343 or CEMS 235)
    CHEM 372 Inorganic Chemistry (prerequisite CHEM 343 or CEMS 235)
    CHEM 374 Inorganic Chemistry Lab (co-requisite CHEM 372)
    CHEM 390 Junior Seminar (prerequisite Junior standing)
    CHEM 423 Instrumental Analysis (prerequisites CHEM 321 and CHEM 346 or equivalent)
    CHEM 461 Advanced Laboratory (co-requisite CHEM 423)
    CHEM 490 Senior Seminar (prerequisite Senior standing)

    MATH 151 and 152 Calculus I and II
    PHYS 111 or 125 and PHYS 112 or 126 A General Physics sequence

    Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry majors must take CHEM 343/346 but Ceramic Engineering and Materials Science majors who also major in Chemistry may take CEMS 214, 235 and 344 for equivalent content.

    American Chemical Society (ACS) approved major
    Course work for the core major plus the following:

    CHEM 420 and at least two additional credits selected from CHEM 400, CHEM 414, CHEM 450, CHEM 457, CHEM 462, CHEM 485, CHEM 495, CEMS 348, CEMS 349, and CEMS 402. These last two credits must include at least 24 clock hours of laboratory time.

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