Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

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  • Objectives
    Our Major in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology provides undergraduate students with cutting-edge information on the molecular processes involved in cell function and differentiation. The curriculum consists of several core and elective disciplines that are updated yearly to reflect advances in the field. Most of the upper division courses integrate recent scientific articles and enable students to experience how new information is scrutinized and validated by the scientific community.
  • Course description
    The following series of classes is taken to prepare you for the upper division classes of your major:

    General and Organic Chemistry     Chem 14A, B, BL, C, CL, D
    Chem 20A, B, L, 30A, B, AL, BL
    Calculus     Math 3A, B, C
    Math 31A, B, 32A
    Calculus-based Physics     Physics 6A, B, C
    Physics 6A(H), B(H), C(H) **Best for students who already know the physical laws.
    Physics 1A, 1B, 1C, 4AL, 4BL
    Life Science     LS 1 (Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity)
    LS 2 w/lab (Cells, Tissues, and Organs)
    LS 3 w/lab (Intro to Molecular Biology)
    LS 4 w/lab (Genetics)

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