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B.S. in Biology
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B.S. in Biology - Claremont - CA - California

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B.S. in Biology - Claremont - CA - California B.S. in Biology - Claremont - CA - California
Course Description:
Biology entails the study of the entire process of life from its beginning, through its development, reproduction, and to its cessation and decay. Many of the new developments and discoveries in this dynamic field are the result of interdisciplinary cooperation between biologists, chemists, physicists, and computer scientists. These researchers have added considerably to our understanding of the basic principles and mechanisms of living systems at cellular, molecular, organismic, population, and ecological levels.

Career opportunities for those who major in biology are numerous. Besides being on of the traditional preparatory fields for those pursuing careers as health care professionals, biology is an excellent choice of major for those interested in secondary education or in the burgeoning genetic engineering industry. And, of course, the areas of academic and industrial research are open to those who pursue a Ph.D. In the discipline.

Biology Major

     1.  Biology 43-44, Introductory Biology
   2. Chemistry 14-15, Basic Principles of Chemistry OR Chemistry 29, Advanced General Chemistry
   3. Chemistry 116-117, Organic Chemistry
   4. Mathematics 30, Calculus I
   5. Physics 30, 31, General physics OR Physics 33, 34, Principles of Physics
   6. Six biology electives, including at least three laboratory courses, Biology 188 may not be counted as one of the six biology electives.
   7. Biology 190L or 191 or 188L-190L. In general, a one-semester thesis (191) is an extensive library research thesis; (190L) is a one-semester experimental thesis; and a two-semester thesis (188L and 190L) is a laboratory or field research project. Students with a two-semester thesis normally take 188L, Senior Research, in the Fall.

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