Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering

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  • Objectives
    The goal of the Bioengineering program is to provide students with the scientific knowledge and engineering tools necessary for graduate study in the engineering or scientific disciplines, continued education in health professional schools or employment in industry. There are three main objectives of the educational program: (1) to provide students with a rigorous training in engineering and fundamental sciences, (2) to provide knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art research in bioengineering, and (3) to provide problem-solving and team-building skills to succeed in a career in bioengineering.
  • Course description
    Total Units Required: 187

    Preparation for the Major

    1. Bioengineering 10; Chemistry and Biochemistry 20A, 20B, 20L, 30A, 30AL, 30B, 30BL; Computer Science 31; Life Sciences 2 (satisfies HSSSEAS GE life sciences requirement), 3, 4; Mathematics 31A, 31B, 32A, 32B, 33A, 33B; Physics 1A, 1B, 1C, 4AL, 4BL.

    The Major

    1. Bioengineering 100, M106, 110, 120, 165 (or Engineering 183EW or 185EW), 176, 180, 182A, 182B, 182C; Chemistry & Biochemistry 153A, Electrical Engineering 100.

    2. Three breadth course (12 units) selected from an approved list available in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs or see Undergraduate Technical Breath Areas at

    3. Three elective courses from: Bioengineering M104, M105, M131, 180L, 181, 181L, 199 (8 units maximum), Biomedical Engineering C101, CM102, CM103, CM140, CM145, CM150, CM150L, C170, C171, CM180, C181, CM183, C185, CM186B, CM186C, C187.

    For students who wish to satisfy one of the following tracks, they will need to take 6 courses from those listed below. Note that the three technical breadth and three major field elective courses may be chosen to satisfy the track requirement. Students in Bioengineering cannot take bioengineering courses to fulfill the technical breadth requirement since those courses must be from outside of their major.

    Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine Track

    Bioengineering M104, M105, 199 (8 units maximum)
    Biological Chemistry CM153G
    Biomedical Engineering CM140, CM183, C185, C187
    Chemistry and Biochemistry C140, C181
    Materials Science and Engineering 104, 110, 111, 120, 130, 132, 140, 143A, 150, 151, 160, 161 Molecular, Cell and Development Biology 168

    The above materials science and engineering courses may be used to satisfy the technical breadth requirements.

    Biomedical Devices Track

    Bioengineering M131, 199 (8 units maximum)
    Biomedical Engineering CM172
    Electrical Engineering 102, CM150 (or MAE CM180), CM150L (or MAE CM180L)
    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering C187L

    The electrical engineering or mechanical and aerospace engineering coures listed above may be used to satisfy the technical breadth requirement.

    NOTE: For Bioengineering 199 to fulfill a track requirement, the research project must fit within the scope of the track field, and the research report must be approved by the supervisor and vice chair.

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