Bachelor of Arts In the History of the Interior and Decorative Arts

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  • Course description
    The NYSID BA in the History of the Interior and the Decorative Arts program provides students with an undergraduate liberal arts degree in art history with a special focus on the interior environment and the objects it contains.  The curriculum consists of a strong general education foundation including courses in English composition, math, science, and humanities, both survey courses and focused seminars on the history of art, architecture, and the interior environment, including decorative arts, and a significant hands-on studio component intended to give design historians the language and experience of the creative process.  Other important features of the program include a required internship, a course in business practices, and opportunities to study abroad. Graduates are prepared to go on to work in museums and galleries, showrooms, design media and journalism, and other design industry establishments, or to seek advanced degrees in historic preservation, art and design history, interior design, architecture or other disciplines related to the built environment.

    The 120 credit BA degree requires full-time study and is composed of 37 liberal arts general education credits and 16  design studio credits, 56 major area lecture and seminar credits, 8 elective credits, and a 3 credit required internship.

    Admission to the BA in the History of the Interior and the Decorative Arts program requires formal acceptance.  The student is subject to the requirements stated in the current catalog at the time of acceptance.

    Of the 120 credits required for the BA degree, a minimum of 60 credits must be taken at NYSID, all of which must be in required major area courses.  The residency requirement includes, Introduction to the History and Theory of Design, History of American Building Materials and Technology, Systems of Ornamental Design, Introduction to Arts Management, Design Theory, Senior Project Preparation, Senior Project, Design History Seminar, and Internship.  The last 24 credits prior to receiving the degree must be taken at NYSID.

    Bachelor of Arts in the History of the Interior and the Decorative Arts

    Liberal Arts – 37
    Required lectures and Seminars – 56
    Required Studio - 16
    Electives – 8
    Internship - 3

    Total Credits - 120

    Semester I - 16 Credits

    101 Historical Styles I (2)
    119 Textiles and Finishes (2)
    128 Basic Drafting (3)
    141 Color for Interior (2)
    150 English Composition I (3)
    171 Basic Math (2)
    180 Visual Concepts (2)

    Semester II - 15 Credits

    102 Historical Styles II (2)
    134 Residential Design I (3)
    211 Introduction to the History and Theory of Design (2)
    160 English Composition II (3)
    175 Cultural Anthropology (2)
    182 Design Process (3)

    Semester III – 15 Credits

    111 Modern Architecture & Design I (2)
    165 Environmental Psychology (2)
    270 Topics in World Literature (3)
    245 Photography for Interior Designers (2)
    197 Golden Mean as a Design Tool (1)
    168 Economics of Taste and Style (2)
    201 Art & Society I (3)

    Semester IV – 13 + 2 Credits

    112 Modern Architecture & Design II (2)
    271 Environmental Science (2)
    Design History A1 (2)
    Design History B1(2)
    287 History of American Building Materials and Technology (2)
    202 Art & Society II (3)
    Historic Preservation or Study Abroad (Summer) (2)

    Semester V – 15 Credits

    203 Humanities I (3)
    Design History A2 (2)
    Design History B2 (2)
    166 Art & Antique Appraising I (2)
    Foreign Language I – Intensive French (4)
    260 Systems of Ornamental Design (2)

    Semester VI – 13  + 2 Credits

    204 Humanities II (3)
    Design History A3 (2)
    Design History B3 (2)
    167 Art & Antique Appraising II (2)
    Foreign Language II – Intensive Italian (4)
    Historic Preservation or Study Abroad (Summer) (2)

    Semester VII – 15 Credits

    Design History A4 (2)
    Design History B4 (2)
    355 Design Theory (2)
    348 Introduction to Arts Management (2)
    415 Senior Project Preparation (2)
    Elective(s) (5)

    Semester VIII – 14 Credits

    318 Design History Seminar (2)
    Design History A5 (2)
    485 Senior Project (4)
    Internship (3)
    Elective(s) (3)

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