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  • Objectives
    A SOCIETY'S ARTISTS MAY BE ITS HISTORIANS, its philosophers, its priests and confessors, its outlaws or its visionaries. Art may document the artist's world, it may imagine the past or future, or it may express an inner landscape that cannot otherwise be shared. At Hamilton, student and faculty artists explore this rich dynamic by both creating and critiquing works of visual art.
  • Course description

    A concentration in art consists of 11 courses: two courses in the Department of Art History, one of which must be pre-1900 or non-European; 104; 350; and seven additional art courses including one course from each of the following areas:
    1)        Painting and Printmaking,
    2)        Ceramics and Sculpture, and
    3)        Photography and Video;
    one 300-level course in the same area as the senior project and completed before the end of the junior year; and either the two-semester Senior Experience (501-502) or 501 plus one additional 300-level course.

    All senior concentrators are required to register for the Senior Project in the fall of their final year. Based on a review by the studio faculty of work done in this course, students who have successfully completed 501 must compete for honors by registering for an additional semester of Senior Project work with the goal of preparing material for public exhibition at the end of the spring term. Other concentrators will complete an additional 300-level course in studio art.   

    Honors in art will be awarded on the basis of a cumulative average of 3.5 (90) or above [3.3 (88) or above for the classes of 2010 and 2011] in coursework toward the concentration and distinguished performance in the Senior Project.

    Students interested in studying abroad should consult with a member of the department as soon as possible. Concentrators will need to consider the most appropriate means of integrating study abroad with the Junior Seminar requirement and preparation for their Senior Project.

    A minor in art consists of 104, one art history course and three additional art courses.

    Courses and Descriptions

    104F,S Introduction to Drawing.
    Study of the basic elements of drawing, including line, texture, mass and composition. Students work from the model during class time, do outside assignments and participate in group criticism. Maximum enrollment, 20. Kuharic, Muirhead or Salzillo.

    105F,S Design.
    Introduction to the visual language in two and three dimensions. A series of projects exploring basic formal and expressive elements, color, composition, space and time relationships, and structural stress. Maximum enrollment, 20. Muirhead or Salzillo.

    106F,S Introduction to Ceramics.
    Introduction to three-dimensional design concepts related to ceramics. Emphasis on a series of projects, followed by group criticism and technical aspects of ceramics. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 16. Murtaugh.

    109F,S Introduction to Sculpture.
    Basic methods in dealing with problems of form, technique and concept. Explores sculptural possibilities of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. Group critiques. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 10. Murtaugh.

    113F,S Introduction to Photography.
    Fundamentals of 35mm photography, black-and-white film processing, print enlargement and development. Exploration of development and control of technical skills, and understanding of standards within the field of photography. Emphasis on use of camera as a tool for creative exploration. Must have own 35mm camera with manual settings. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 16. Almanas.

    115S Introduction to Digital Photography.
    Exploration and control of technical skills and understanding of the traditions of image making. Students will learn scanning, the fundamentals of Photoshop and calibrations of images for printing. Emphasis on expressive use of the medium and the development of a portfolio. Maximum enrollment, 12. Almanas.

    203F,S Introduction to Painting.
    Introduction to the study of the methods and techniques of oil painting, with emphasis on still-life, figures and landscape. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 16. Kuharic, Muirhead or Salzillo.

    213F Introduction to Video.

    Exploration of traditional and non-traditional uses for video. Emphasis on developing ideas and conveying meaning through video work. Fundamentals of camera and editing for videography. Introduction to theory and history of experimental video. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 12. Gant.

    [233] Introduction to Printmaking.
    Introduction to the basic principles and techniques of printmaking as traditionally employed in intaglio and stone lithography. Includes brief discussions of the history of printmaking, printing editions, matting, paper conservation and safety. Not open to seniors. Maximum enrollment, 12.

    235F Intaglio Printmaking.
    Study in the process of intaglio printmaking, including etching, engraving, dry point, and hard and soft ground techniques. Students expected to participate in group criticism. May be repeated for credit at increasingly advanced levels. Prerequisite, 104. Maximum enrollment, 12. Muirhead.

    302F,S Advanced Photography.
    Advanced investigation and study of the creative tools of black-and-white and color photography. Continued exploration of personal vision with emphasis on social and cultural contexts for photography. May repeat for credit at increasingly advanced levels. Prerequisite, 113 or 115. Maximum enrollment, 16. Almanas.

    304F,S Advanced Painting.
    Further exploration of concepts and techniques presented in Introduction to Painting with emphasis on landscape and interiors as subject matter. Reinforcement of oil painting skills and introduction to egg tempera and acrylic. May be repeated for credit at increasingly advanced levels. Prerequisite, 203. Maximum enrollment, 16. Kuharic, Muirhead or Salzillo.

    307S Advanced Three Dimensional Studies.
    Advanced study of materials such as clay, wood, metal, plaster and plastic utilizing processes such as casting, fabrication, carving and construction. Prerequisite, 106 or 109. May be repeated for credit at increasingly advanced levels. Maximum enrollment, 16. Murtaugh.

    313F,S Advanced Video.
    Advanced investigation and study of video production. Special topics such as video history, activism, censorship, installation work. Advanced exploration of personal vision with emphasis on social and cultural contexts for video. May repeat for credit at increasingly advanced levels. Prerequisite, 213. Maximum enrollment, 8. Gant.

    350F Junior Seminar.
    Addresses themes and topics in contemporary studio practice through a mix of production, classroom discussion, readings and written assignments. Required of junior concentrators. Prerequisite, one introductory studio course. Maximum enrollment, 16. The Department.

    [377] Electronic Arts Workshop.
    Emphasis on collaborative work among computer musicians, digital photographers and videographers in the creation of visual/musical works. Other projects will include transmedia installations or performance art pieces. Prerequisite, Art 302 with consent of instructors, Art 313 or Music 277. (Same as Music 377 and .) Maximum enrollment, 14.

    501F Senior Project I.
    A required one semester course for senior concentrators. To be followed by 502 upon successful completion and approval of the senior project advisor. The Department.

    502S Senior Project II.
    A required one-semester course for senior concentrators working toward honors and the senior exhibition. Prerequisite, 501F and permission of the senior project advisor. The Department.

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