Bachelor of Arts in Genetics

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  • Entry requirements
    Students wishing to major in genetics must have been enrolled at Rutgers for at least one semester and have earned a C or better in general biology, general chemistry, and calculus (or have permission from the department chair).
  • Course description
    Students in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) may choose the major in genetics, which is offered by the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). Completion of the major prepares students for diverse careers in biological research, biotechnology, and the health professions.

    Graduation Requirements for the Major

    A.  Major Requirements (77 credits)
    The major in genetics is offered by the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS).
    In addition to 43 credits of required prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus, all students majoring in genetics must take the following course sequence:

    01:447:384  Genetic Analysis I (4) - to be given in the fall semester
    01:447:385  Genetic Analysis II (4)  - to be given in the spring semester

    All students are also required to take the following four courses:
    01:694:301  Introduction to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (3);
    01:447:315  Introduction to Research in Genetics (3); and
    01:447:403,404  Seminar in Genetics (1,1).

    Students must complete an additional 18 credits. All students are required to take a minimum of 6 credits of independent scholarship [Research in Genetics - various courses or Advanced Independent Study (01:447:489,490)].These 6 credits must be taken over two semesters with a single adviser. Students must also complete 6 credits of elective courses from the approved list. The remaining 6 credits may be either courses from the approved list or additional research courses.

    A grade of C or better in courses credited toward the major is required for graduation.
    Please refer to the SAS section of the catalog for the Life Sciences for a full description of the requirements of the major.

    B. Additional SEBS Core Requirements for Students Majoring in Genetics (30-33 credits)

    I. School Mission : Interdisciplinary Critical Analysis (3 credits)
    One 3-credit Junior/Senior Colloquium
    II. Introductory Life and Physical Sciences
    This SEBS requirement is automatically fulfilled by the introductory biology, chemistry, and physics requirements of the major.

    III. Humanities and the Arts (6 credits)
    See suggested courses in the Degree Requirements chapter .

    IV. Multicultural and International Studies (6 credits)
    See suggested courses in the Degree Requirements chapter .

    V. Human Behavior, Economic Systems, and Political Processes (9 credits)

    VI. Oral and Written Communication (6 credits)

    VII. Experience-Based Education

    This SEBS requirement is automatically fulfilled by the Research in Genetics or Advanced Independent Study requirements of the major .

    VIII. Professional Ethics in the Genetics (3 credits)

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