Associate in Arts - Environmental Science

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  • Course description
    The Environmental Science Program is an interdisciplinary
    and multidisciplinary course of study that presents an overview
    of ecological issues from a scientific perspective. With a
    broad foundation across the natural sciences, the coursework
    examines the interrelated nature of environmental and social
    systems. This program is designed to equip students with the
    skills and tools to successfully use the scientific method while
    studying and solving environmental problems.
    The Environmental Science Associate in Arts degree correlates
    with some of the lower-division courses required to
    transfer into Environmental Science or Environmental Studies
    Programs at several four-year institutions as well as a broad
    education for transfer in related disciplines. The Environmental
    e Certificate of Achievement demonstrates completion
    of all required coursework in the Environmental Science area
    of emphasis.

    Environmental Science (39 units)
    Required Core Courses:
    Biology 9, Environmental Biology (3)
    Environmental Studies 7, Introduction to Environmental
    Studies (3) (same as Geography 7)

    Field Studies/Applied: (3 units)
    Biology 45A-Z, Field Studies in Natural History (0.5-3)
    Biology 46A-Z, Field Studies in Natural History (0.5-3)
    Botany 3, Field Botany (4)

    Environmental Studies 88A-C, Independent Studies in
    Environmental Studies (1-3)
    Geography 20, Introduction to Geographic Information
    Systems (3) (same as Geographic Information Systems 20)
    Geography 35F, Field Study: California (1)
    Geography 35S, Geography Field Studies (1)
    Geology 35, Field Studies: California (1-3)
    Zoology 20, Vertebrate Field Studies (3)

    Ecology/Physical Science/Natural Science: (4 units)
    Biology 3, Fundamentals of Biology (4)
    Biology 15, Marine Biology with Laboratory (4)
    Biology 21, Cell Biology and Evolution (4)
    Botany 1, General Botany (4)
    Zoology 5, Introductory Zoology (4)

    Physical Science: Chemistry (5 units)
    Chemistry 10, Introductory General Chemistry (5)
    Chemistry 11, General Chemistry I (5)
    Physical Science: Physics (4 units)
    Physics 6, General Physics (4)
    Physics 7, General Physics (4)
    Physics 8, General Physics with Calculus (4)
    Physics 14, Introductory Physics with Laboratory (4)

    Earth Science: (3 units)
    Geography 1, Introduction to Natural Environmental (3)
    Geography 3, Weather and Climate (3)
    Geography 5, Physical Geography with Laboratory (4)
    Geology 1, Introduction to Physical Geology (No
    Laboratory) (3)
    Geology 4, Physical Geology with Laboratory (4)
    Geology 31, Introduction to Physical Oceanography (3)
    Mathematics (8 units required, as specified)
    Math 28, Calculus 1 for Business and Social Science
    (5) and Math 29, Calculus 2 for Business and Social
    Science (3) or
    Math 7, Calculus 1 (5) and Math 8, Calculus 2 (5)

    Social Science: (6 units required, as specified)
    Group A:
    Choose one of the following courses:
    Economics 1, Principles of Microeconomics (3)
    Economics 2, Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
    Political Science 1, National and California Government (3)
    Group B:
    Choose one of the following courses:
    Anthropology 2, Cultural Anthropology (3)
    Geography 2, Introduction to Human geography (3)
    Geography 8, Introduction to Urban Studies (3) (same as
    Urban Studies 8)
    Geography 11, World Geography (3)
    Geography 14, Geography of California (3)
    Political Science 22, Environmental Politics and Policies (3)
    Psychology 1, General Psychology (3)
    Psychology 40, Environmental Psychology (3)
    Sociology 1, Introduction to Sociology (3)
    Sociology 2, Social Problems (3)

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