Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art

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  • Course description
    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art (47 credits) 

    ART 110 Drawing (3) 
    ART 111 Design (3) 
    ART 120 Drawing II (3) 
    ART 115 Art History: Prehistory – Gothic (3) 
    ART 116 Art History: Renaissance – Modern (3) 
    ART 117 Art History: Modern (3) 
    ART 217 Reading Seminar (3) * 
    ART 225 Media and Techniques (1) 
    ART 235 Encounter with Art I (1) 
    ART 250 Studio I (3) * 
    ART 260 Studio II (3) 
    ART 345 Encounter with Art II (1) 
    ART 350 Studio III (3) 
    ART 360 Studio IV (3) 
    ART 370 Studio V (3) 
    ART 425 Senior Seminar (1) 
    ART 450 Studio VI (3) 
    ART 460 Thesis (3) 
    CSCI 001M Web Publishing

    * May be taken concurrently.

    A major art project is required for graduation and is completed independently in the senior year. Majors are required to participate in department exhibits and activities and to have a special exhibition of their work in the third term of their senior year. They must also present to the department a written paper on their thesis work and a collection of their works from their senior exhibit.

    The Art faculty will certify the general education service component and competencies in computer usage, moral/ethical reasoning, oral communication, research and writing in this major.

    Minor in Art (22 credits)

    ART 110, 111, 116, 117, 217, 225, 250, and 350

    Teaching Endorsement

    Art major with a teaching endorsement requires 47 credit hours of art courses necessary for the general major plus ART 440, and/or ART 332.

    Art minor with 7-12 endorsement requires ART 110, 111, 115, 116, 117, 225, 250, 260 and 440.

    Art K-6 art endorsement requires ART 110, 111, 115, 116, 117, 225, 250, 260 and 332.

    Both ART 332 and ART 440 are required for those seeking both a K-6 and 7-12 endorsement.

    To qualify for student teaching, the student must have completed at minimum: ART 110, 111, 116, 117, 217, 225, 250, and 260.


    Scholarships are available for art majors. First year students can receive an art scholarship upon presenting a portfolio to the department prior to enrollment. The portfolio can be digital, slides, or actual work. Digital portfolios can be viewed by the department over the internet and can be sent to First year scholarships are renewable yearly. Scholarships are also available at the Junior and Senior levels.

    Transfer Students

    The Art department requires the following guidelines to be observed in transferring art courses and credits toward the completion of an art major or minor.

    1. A portfolio consisting of actual works, slides or CD must be submitted to the Art Department for review when requesting that credit/course work taken at another institution be applied to the completion of an art major or minor at Briar Cliff.

    2. Art History, theory and criticism courses will be transferable on content covered and grade achieved.

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