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  • Objectives
    The Theatre major can help prepare people for many career
    opportunities including work in the specific areas of theater
    production or performance as well as the related areas of advertising,
    television, film, recreation, education, and management.
    Theater managers manage theaters for stage productions or
    motion pictures. Related career titles include actor, director,
    costumer, script coach, stunt person, playwright, drama coach,
    set designer, business manager and instructor.
  • Course description
    Students must complete major requirements in effect at
    the time enrollment begins or major requirements in effect at
    graduation as long as continuous enrollment is maintained.
    (See page 48 for definition of continuous enrollment).
    At least 50% of the required major units must be completed
    at Santa Monica College.
    All coursework for the major must be completed with a
    grade of C (2.0) or higher.

    Theatre Arts
    (20 units)
    Required Courses: (15 units minimum)
    Theatre Arts 5, History of World Theatre (3)
    Theatre Arts 10A, Voice Development for the Stage (3,3)
    Theatre Arts 18A, 18B, 18C, Technical Theatre Production
    Workshop (3) (Any combination of Theatre Arts 18A,
    18B, and/or 18C to total a minimum of 3 units.)
    Theatre Arts 20, Stagecraft (3,3,3)
    Theatre Arts 41, Acting 1 (3,3,3,3)
    Select one course from:
    Theatre Arts 22, Stage Lighting (3,3)
    Theatre Arts 24, Stage Sound (1,1)
    Theatre Arts 26, Introduction to Stage Costuming (3)
    Theatre Arts 28A, Beginning Stage Make-up (1,1)

    Select one course from:
    Theatre Arts 15A, Stage Movement for the Performer (1)
    Theatre Arts 42, Acting II (3,3,3,3)
    Theatre Arts 43, Acting, Historical Styles-Early (3,3,3)
    Theatre Arts 44, Acting, Historical Styles-Late (3,3)
    Theatre Arts 45, Musical Theatre Workshop (3,3,3,3)
    Theatre Arts 50, Advanced Production: Full Length Play (3,3,3,3)
    Theatre Arts 52, Advanced Production: Musical Theatre (5,5,5,5)
    Theatre Arts 54, Advanced Production: Summer Theatre (6,6)

    Recommended Electives:
    Theatre Arts 10B, Advanced Voice Development for the Stage (3,3)
    Theatre Arts 15B, Advanced Stage Movement for the Actor (1,1)
    Theatre Arts 34, Advanced Costume Design (2,2)
    Theatre Arts 38A, Beginning Stage Direction (3)
    Theatre Arts 53, Production for the Younger Audience (3)
    Theatre Arts 55, Advanced Production – Small Theatre Venue (3,3)

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