Bachelor Degree in Theatre

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  • Course description
    The Theatre Major

    Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the major must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade below C- (1.7). Upper-level courses are taught on a rotating basis.

    11 units, including

    Production participation - THTR 399 Leadership in Production (0 units)

    Diversity, one unit chosen from

        THTR 210 Performing Diversity: A Cultural Odyssey
        THTR 313 Theatre for Social Change I
        THTR 314 Theatre for Social Change II

    History, two units chosen from

        THTR 309 Theatre History I
        THTR 319 Theatre History II
        THTR 321 History of Apparel

    Production Studies, three units including

        THTR 205 Production Studies I-Fundamentals of Theatre
        THTR 306 Production Studies II- Analysis, Conceptualization and Problem Solving
        THTR 407 Production Studies III-Collaboration and Production

    Performance, one unit chosen from

        THTR 212 Basics of Acting
        THTR 219 Ensemble Performance
        THTR 308 Basics of Directing
        THTR 327 Acting Shakespeare I
        THTR 328 Acting Shakespeare II
        DANC 238 Introduction to Contact Improvisation
        DANC 248 Introduction to Movement Improvisation
        DANC 255 Choreography
        DANC 256 Beginning Jazz Dance
        DANC 257 Beginning Ballet
        DANC 258 Writing from the Body: Words and Movement
        DANC 259 Beginning Tap Dance
        DANC 260 Beginning Modern Dance
        DANC 261 Intermediate Jazz Dance
        DANC 262 Intermediate Tap Dance
        DANC 263 Intermediate Modern Dance
        DANC 266 Intermediate Ballet
        DANC 306 University Dancers
        DANC 356 Pointe and Variations
        DANC 361 Advanced Jazz Dance
        DANC 362 Advanced Tap Dance
        DANC 363 Advanced Modern Dance
        DANC 366 Advanced Ballet

    Technical Theatre, one unit chosen from

        THTR 201 Stagecraft
        THTR 206 Introduction to Costume
        THTR 213 Fundamentals of Stage Makeup

    Theory, one unit chosen from

        THTR 320 Advanced Acting: Twentieth-Century Acting Styles and Theory
        THTR 325 Script Analysis
        THTR 370 Staging Gender

    Theatre Design, one unit chosen from

        THTR 202 Stage Lighting
        THTR 301 Scene Design
        THTR 302 Scene Painting
        THTR 322 Advanced Costume Design


        One unit, approved by the theatre department, in art history, studio art, or music


    Theatre 330-341 (Practica) and 388 (Internship) cannot be counted in the major.

    No course units can be counted toward both a major in theatre and a minor in dance.

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