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Associate Degree in Photography

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  • Course description
    Degree Earned:

    Occupational Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography


    Pictures. They are everywhere. Beautiful faces look out at us from magazine covers. We stare at pictures of pristine beaches and snow covered mountains longing for the time when we can visit them again. These images convey a message which no words can describe. But only a select few have the ability to create such powerful images. It is in these few where art meets life. It is in these few where creativity comes together with technique. They are called Photographers.

    Program Overview

    The Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography prepares students for positions in professional photography with the ability to become successful business people and highly valued employees. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level employment as commercial advertising photographers, corporate photographers, portrait and wedding photographers, photographic lab technicians, and digital imaging specialists. Working environments range from independent commercial studios, corporations, advertising agencies, audio-visual and production houses to photographic labs and professional studios. The Photography program offers a high level of technical training and an understanding of the unique contribution that photography makes to American culture. In addition, the program recognizes that professional photographers often operate private businesses, which require knowledge of business and management practices.

    Career Outlook

    As long as people continue to have weddings, children, and families, there will always be the need for Photographers. By creatively using lighting, lenses, film, filters, and camera settings, photographers and camera operators produce pictures that record an event, capture a mood, or tell a story. Photography increasingly involves the use of computer technology using digital cameras, which use electronic memory rather than a film negative to record an image. Employment opportunities are expected to increase during the next decade and those with formal training are most likely to succeed.

    Career choices in Photography include:

        * Commercial Photography – Brochures, Catalogs, Magazine Ads, Product Illustration, Food, or any and all advertising done with photography.
        * Professional Portraiture – Weddings, Events, Old Photo Restoration, Hand Coloring, etc.
        * Industrial Photography – Scientific, Research, Advertising (in house), annual reports, Special Effect, etc.
        * Photojournalism – Newspapers, New Magazines, Sports Photography, etc.
        * Nature Photography - for magazine and advertisement usage.
        * Architectural and Aerial Photography – Architectural and Interior Design magazines, documentation, mapping, etc.
        * Police Photography
        * Professional Lab Work (digital or non-traditional)
        * Digital Specialist – Digital Retouching, Digital Color Management, etc.
        * Multimedia Presentations
        * Fashion and Glamour Photography – for magazine and advertisement usage.
        * Stock images and freelance photography

    Currently in the United States there are over 100,000 professional photographers working in this multi billion-dollar industry. Working environments range from independent commercial studios, corporations, advertising agencies, audiovisual and production houses, photographic and computer labs, and professional portrait and wedding studios.

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