QuarkXPress Comprehensive Training

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  • Course description
    Designed for those who are Mac or Windows literate, but have never worked in QuarkXPress. QuarkXPress is covered comprehensively, including:
    • basic layout
    • text and graphics manipulation
    • drawing tools (bezier curves)
    • color creation
    • color application
    • style sheets
    • master pages
    • multiple pages
    • baseline grid
    • hyphenation
    • libraries
    • anchored boxes
    • indexing
    • book creation
    • and much more.
    • 18 hours of hands-on training, one person per computer
    • Includes workbook with CD (used by teachers and colleges worldwide)
    Session 1:

    The QuarkXPress Tool Palette
    Creation of Quark Document
    Basic Text Attributes:
    - font, size, leading
    Creation of Letter
    Creation of Additional Documents
    Typography Basics:
    - Character & Paragraph options (Style Menu)
    - Tabs
    - Invisibles
      Letter Creation
    Large Type Letter
    More Text Styling
    Magazine Ad
    Advanced Text Formatting

    Session 2:  
    Typography Essentials (More Complex Formatting):
    - hanging bullets
    - hyphenation
    - manual kerning/tracking
      (including keystrokes)
    Rotating Text/Objects
    Flipping Horizontal/Vertical
    Multiple Page Documents
    Controlling Page Numbers (Section Start)
    - Application and Definition of colors
    - CMYK (Process) vs Pantone (Spot) Colors
    - Spot Color Mixing (Multi-Ink)
    The Item/Page/View Menus
    The Measurements Palette
      Professional Typography
    Creating a Movie Poster
    2-Page Magazine Ad

    Session 3:   
    Bezier Drawing Tools
    Type on a Path
    Multiple Text Columns
    Basline Grid
    Text Runaround
    Paste in Place
    Graphics with Clipping Paths
      Bezier Drawing
    Horse Racing Ad
    Magazine Cover

    Session 4:  
    Style Sheets:
    - Paragraph Styles
    - Character Styles
    Baseline Grid
    H&Js (Hyphenation and Justification Settings)
    - creating new or importing
    - formatting
    Anchoring Images/Objects in Text   Style Sheets: Magazine Article
    Anchored Boxes

    Session 5:  
    Multiple Page Documents
    Master Pages
    Manually Linking Text Boxes (across pages)
    Controlling Page Numbers (Section Start)
    Automatic Page Numbering
    Spell Checking
    Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts  
    Leaders Magazine:
      Master Pages & 1st Article
      Libraries & 2nd Article
      Find/Change, Spelling, H&Js

    Session 6:  
    Creating a Book:
     -setting up and using Master Pages
     -automatic flowing of text
     -using style sheets to style text
     -using Find/Change to speed things up
    Paragraph Rules
    Automatic Lists (Table Of Contents)
    Book Compiling & Synchronization
    Collecting Files for Output
    Printing Methods and Media
    Print Styles
    Document versus Application Preferences

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