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  • Objectives
    Language Door Los Angeles offers small interactive Portuguese classes. Our comfortable, casual environment helps to make learning Portuguese fun and convenient. We schedule our classes at times that work for busy adults. Enrich your life as you learn one language or learn many.
  • Course description

    For the beginning and intermediate classes, we use "Ultimate Portuguese Basic-Intermediate" by Living Language. There is also an optional eight cassette package that accompanies the book. For the advanced classes, we provide handouts at no charge.

    Beginning A (chapters 1-6)

    Topics - Greetings and introductions, asking for information, clock time, dining out, weather, months, and seasons, and at the movie theater.
    Grammar and usage - Pronunciation, the verbs "to be", negation, gender and number of nouns and adjectives, subject pronouns, articles, question words, time, numbers, present tense of regular verbs, etc.

    Beginning B (chapters 7-12)

    Topics - The body and health, family members, groceries, at the train station, eating in a restaurant, and making a collect call.
    Grammar and usage - Irregular verbs, possessive pronouns and adjectives, near future, common prepositions, contractions, adverbs, other questions words, etc.

    Beginning C (chapters 13-19)

    Topics - Renting an apartment, at the pharmacy, daily activities, at the bus station, at the airport, renting a car, and at the office.
    Grammar and usage - Object pronouns, reflexive verbs, reflexive object pronouns, reciprocal object pronouns, comparatives, polite commands, relative pronouns, superlative, begin preterite, etc.

    Intermediate A (chapters 20-26)

    Topics - At the park, at the doctor's office, at the dentist's, at the beauty parlor, at the theater box office, at an antiques store, and looking for a job.
    Grammar and usage - Additional irregular verbs, present conditional, additional preterite, "let's" command, ordinal numbers, imperfect tense, past progressive, professions, etc.

    Intermediate B (chapters 27-33)

    Topics- At the post office, at the travel agency, at the bank, at the currency exchange office, at the police station, watching television, and at the movies.
    Grammar and usage - The present and past perfect tenses, expressions, sending letters, faxes, and telegrams, future tense, future perfect tense, present conditional, conditional perfect, passive, subjunctive, etc.

    Intermediate C (chapters 34-40)

    Topics - Sports, at the hotel, the media, holidays and festivals, politics and rights, household errands, and visiting Brazil.
    Grammar and usage - Additional subjunctive tense, augmentatives, imperfect subjunctive, present perfect subjunctive, past perfect subjunctive, slang and colloquial expressions, etc.

    Advanced Classes

    Topics - Discussion of articles, issues, literature, etc.
    Grammar and usage - As appropriate related to conversation topics.

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