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  • Course description
    The Asian American Studies Program offers a minor with classes that focus upon the history and contemporary experience of Asians in the United States. These courses explore themes in local and ethnic history, trans-Pacific contact, cultural change and adaptation, and interethnic relations. Those who major in business, social science, international relations, and the human service professions recognize their relevance.

    Asian American Studies (ASAM)
    ASAM 15. Introduction to Asian Americans (3)
    Prerequisite: G.E. Foundation A2. Historical, social, and psychological factors in the changing status and identity of Americans from Asia. Examines variables such as cultural heritage, family organization, intergenerational conflict, and the experience of racism in the changing world of Asian Americans. G.E. Breadth D3. FS

    ASAM 30. Japanese Americans in the United States (3)
    A survey of social adaptations and cultural changes among Japanese Americans in different communities such as California and Hawaii. Considers identity, marginality, acculturation, and cultural traditions in Japan and in American communities.

    ASAM 110. Asian American Communities (3)
    Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. A multidisciplinary study of Asian American communities and their relations with the larger society. Analyzes values, lifestyles, processes of group identity and boundary maintenance, social organization, and cultural change. Examination of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and other Asian American subcultures. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

    ASAM 138. Asian American Women (3)
    Addresses race, ethnic, and class issues from the vantage point of Asian American women. For Asian American and Southeast Asian communities, the status of women has long been neglected. Yet women play an important role in the family and its economy even as they enter new roles in U.S. society. Helpful to students in sciences and applied fields.

    ASAM 140. Southeast Asian Americans (3)
    Since the Immigration Act of 1965 the Asian American population has grown dramatically. This course focuses on recent issues that are facing new arrivals and supplements a history of Asian American communities (e.g., ASAM 110). Useful to students in education, social work, health sciences, the social sciences, and many other fields. S odd
    ASAM 151. Cultures and Foods of East Asia (3)(See ANTH 126 .)

    ASAM 180T. Topics in Asian American Studies (3; max total 6)
    Prerequisites: ASAM 15, permission of instructor. Detailed consideration of a single topic concerning the past or present position of Asian Americans in U.S. society.

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