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  • Practical experience
    The emergence of the modern Olympics has led to an era of sport history that transcends sport. The gathering of athletes for this multi-sport competition has been used to promote world peace, international cooperation, education, and physical fitness for the past century. Prepare yourself by earning your Master’s degree in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Medicine, Sports Studies, or Sports Fitness with an Emphasis in Olympism. The Olympism emphasis will allow the student to learn the historic, sociological, and administrative aspects of the Olympic movement.
  • Course description
    To obtain the Emphasis in Olympism, a Master’s degree student will take the following three courses:

    SAB 622 Structure and Function of the Olympic Games (3 sem. hrs.)
     The structure and function of the Olympic movement, starting with the International Olympic Committee and moving through the national governing bodies to international sports associations, is the focus of this course. It emphasizes the unique characteristics of the Olympic Movement and various political, social, and economic impacts on the Games. This course requires a final exam.

    SAB 661 Current Issues in the Olympic Movement (3 sem. hrs.)

    The impact of contemporary issues on the Olympic Movement, whether they are governmental, intellectual, societal, cultural, political, or economic, is the focus of this course. Through selected readings, factors such as race, gender, religion, nationalism, drug use, commercialism, and violence and their influence on the Olympic Movement are taken into consideration. This course requires a class paper.

    SAB 667 Olympism (3 sem. hrs.)
    This course examines the growth and development of the modern Olympic Games through the eyes of their founder, Pierre de Coubertin. The International Olympic Committee has published selected writings by de Coubertin that include the search for a vision, the events leading up to the Olympic renewal, historical perspectives of the Olympics, the philosophical and educational dimensions of Olympism, and the Olympic Movement. This course requires a class paper.

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