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  • Course description

    The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program offers graduates the knowledge of values, roles, skills and practices that will help them become competent professionals capable of ethical, intelligent and creative leadership in the public service.

    The MPA  faculty  are based in several academic disciplines, offer a variety of philosophical and practical approaches to public administration, and boast a wide range of scholarly interests.

    Enrollment in our courses ranges from 4 to 20 students with an average class size around 12. Classes meet once per week in the evening for two hours, either at 5:20 or 7:30 p.m. Full-time enrollment is usual three courses per semester, and we will welcome part-time students as well.

    The MPA Program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA).

    The types of courses offered are periodically updated to reflect trends in the study of public administration as well as faculty expertise and interests. Individual research courses are reserved for advanced students with specific needs not met by available elective course work. Students also must pass a written comprehensive examination  to complete the degree.

    Approval for the individual research course must be obtained from the MPA Director. The MPA Director may also permit you to take up to four elective courses from other graduate programs in order to help you personalize your degree.


    Required Courses

    MPA students must take 18 credits of Required Courses.

    MPA 8001  - Public Administration Theory

    MPA 8002  - Structure & Theory of Org

    MPA 8003  - Financial Management

    MPA 8004  - Public Personnel Management

    MPA 8005  - Statistical Analyses & Res I

    MPA 8006  - Statistical Analyses & Res II

    Contingent Courses

    MPA 8010  - Management Internship

    MPA 8012  - Individual Research I

    MPA 8013  - Individual Research II

    Elective Courses

    MPA students must take 18 credits of Elective Courses.

    MPA 8100  - Decision-Making

    MPA 8200  - Administrative Communication

    MPA 8300  - Leadership Ethics

    MPA 8400  - Strategic Planning

    MPA 8500  - Effective City Management

    MPA 8600  - Effective Non-Prof Mgmt

    MPA 8700  - Fundraising for Non-Prof Org

    MPA 8199  - Spec Top in Public Admin

    MPA 8299  - Spec Top in Public Admin **

    PSC 8209  - Public Policy

    PSC 8250  - Urban Politics and Government

    PSC 8275  - Managing Public Networks

    PSC 9425  - Relig., Politics & Public Mgt.

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