Master in Architectural Lighting and Design Management - Part-time

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  • Course description
    Master in Architectural Lighting and Design Management.

    Key benefits.
    • part time master's programme
    • international study locations
    • German university degree M.A.
    • PLDR-awarded 2013
    • 5 semester / 120 credits
    The professional part time programme is a design-based Master’s in lighting design offered by the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany).

    The aim of our professional master's course is to train lighting designers comprehensively. The highly regarded qualifications and skills gained through this degree, offer graduates the opportunity to work in many related fields. Students are encouraged to investigate artistic, physical and psychological aspects of lighting, using creative and autonomous methods. This is to be done while keeping both human well-being and the standards of sustainable architecture in mind.

    The combination of ‘Lighting Design’ and ‘Design Management’ provides students with the creative and technical knowledge to manage lighting design projects as well as the economic and marketing aspects necessary to manage offices professionally. Students will understand market analysis tools and the strategic management approach. Design management also includes the vision of design as part of the customer value chain.

    The international master's programme combines studying in your own time with seminar weeks organised once every semester in Wismar, Berlin and Bangkok. The seminar weeks are designed around lectures, presentations, workshops and excursion to lighting manufacturers and light installations. The medium of instruction is English, ensuring that the programme remains open to all those interested from around the world.

    The study programme is based on more than 15 years of experience in teaching Lighting design here in Wismar and has received the proof of accreditation from the German authority.

    After a successful graduation students will receive the international degree 'Master of Arts (M.A.)'. 

    The part time programme Master Lighting Design - Architectural Lighting and Design Management - was successfully accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) in December 2014. A committee of external experts inspected the Master programme which exists since 2012. The committee consisted of representatives of other universities (two professors in the field of lighting design) and additional lighting design experts. During the on-site inspection the course leader Prof. Dr. Römhild, some members of the international lecturer team and a number of current students of the programme were interviewed to evaluate the curriculum, and the teaching methods. Furthermore the study organization and all teaching materials were checked and discussed. The programme offers a unique combination of Lighting Design and Management modules. The master´s degree enables all graduates to do the PhD.

    In addition, the master Professional Studies Lighting Design- Architectural Lighting and Design Management is approved by the State Centre for Distance Learning (ZFU) (168 816 approval no.).


    New specialisation and new curriculum
    The specialisation “Heritage Lighting” will offer students the possibility to delve deeper into issues like lighting for heritage sites and buildings, lighting for protected sites, conservation, techniques and strategies for such sites and so on. Students will get the opportunity to opt for this specialisation from the 3rd Semester onwards and culminating in a Master's thesis on heritage lighting.

    This specialisation is part of a long term plan to introduce similar specialisations in various field of lighting like “light and health”, “daylight”, “Hospitality and retail lighting” etc. We will keep you all posted on further such developments.

    We have also taken this opportunity to further develop and extend the curriculum. Starting from September after a successful completion of the Master's Programme the students will be offered 120 ECTS Credit points, making this Master’s on par with on-campus Master's programme here in the University of Wismar. If you would like to get more information about curriculum details please contact Mr. Robert Friedrich.

    Semester 1.

    All modules of the first semester are initial assessments.
    • Design Criteria
    • Daylighting
    • Artificial Lighting
    • Design Project I: Conceptual Lighting Design
    • Design Methods 1: Basics
    • Lighting Applications and Sustainability
    Semester 2.
    • Design Criteria
    • Daylighting
    • Artificial Lighting
    • Design Project I: Conceptual Lighting Design
    • Design Methods 1: Basics
    • Lighting Applications and Sustainability
    Semester 3
    • Strategic Management
    • Project Management
    • Design Project II: Detailed Lighting Design
    • Design Project III: Selected Lighting Design Principles
    • Design Methods 2: Visualisation and Calculation
    Semester 4
    • Design and Economics
    • Project Management
    • Design Project II: Detailed Lighting Design
    • Design Project III: Selected Lighting Design Principles
    • Design Methods 3: Branding and Marketing
    Semester 5
    • Thesis Seminar
    • Master´s Thesis and Colloquium

    The international master programme comprises of focussed lectures in Wismar, Berlin and Bangkok. The lectures are taught in English, ensuring that the program remains open to all who are interested from around the world. The course incorporates valuable lessons learned from the Wismar-based programme which has developed into a highly sought after course of study with an established faculty. Students consistently evaluate the study programme positively. Additional influence was brought by the expertise of the WINGS Company, which currently educates more than 4,700 online and professional distance learning students. The course was developed on the basis of experience, which was gained from classes, training programmes and courses offered both domestically and abroad.

    The content of the curriculum was devised from the training concept put forth by the European Lighting Designers Association, ELDA (now PLDA). After discussions with lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers, the content was extended and completed. We were actively encouraged by the professionals to start this distance learning programme in winter semester 2012/13.

    International Variety of Students.

    Wismar University has a long tradition in teaching Lighting Design. The combination of Lighting Design and Management is unique in professional studies and it will provide you with creative and technical knowledge to manage lighting design projects as well as economic and marketing aspects which are necessary to manage offices professionally.
    The latest course, beginning in September 2017, started with 24 students from 11 nations.

    Admission Requirement.

    The professional Master in Architectural Lighting and Design Management is a further education programme. To be admitted into our programme you need to meet the following requirements:

    academic degree (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) in a related field of study  (architecture, interior design, design or electrical engineering) obtained from a national or international university, and at least one year of professional work experience within the related field after completing your first academic degree
    If the first academic degree is not related to the field of study, the approval to study can only be given with proof of professional work experience.

    Please contact us to discuss the admission requirements related to your personal situation in detail.

    Appliaction Process.

    The application consists of two steps. The first step is to check the most important documents, if an application could be possible. These documents can be handed in by email.  
    In a second step you will be ask to hand in more detailed information by airmail, this means the documents should be certified/notarized.

    Documents for the pre check (as pdf file and by email):
    • CV
    • University degree and transcript (if you already hold a master´s degree we need the Bachelor´s degree as well)
    • portfolio of professional work experience (if you do not have a porfolio yet, you can prepare it and submit this after cheking you university degree) 
    • confirmation of work experience (at least one year)
    Your application should contain the following documents (after pre check and handed in by airmail):
    • Highschool leaving certifate*
    • proof of university degree* (certified copy)
    • passport Identity photo
    • filled out application form 
    • signed course contract
    * in English or German language 

    Private Financing.

    Our distance learning course is structured to meet the needs of the working person, so that you may complete your studies and maintain professional and financial stability. The state promotes your continuing education through individual tax incentives. Depending on your individual income and your professional situation, you can claim the expenses of the distance learning course as tax deductible professional expenses or special expenses so that receive total or partial reimbursement. For more detailed advice, please address your tax consultant or your responsible tax office.

    Financing by the Employer.

    Many enterprises support the continuing education of their employees by granting a leave of absence or financial support. Within the framework of individual agreements/ contracts there is the possibility to integrate your qualification aims into a personal development concept. Further sponsorship is possible for german armed forces members for example by the BFD.

    Inspiring working climate.

    The development of innovations requires an inspiring working climate and the appropriate degree of on-site  support. Our students find both in the form of state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops on our online  campus, one-on-one supervision and a certified, family-friendly infrastructure. There are only short distances  to cover on campus, whether in Wismar or at the branches in Rostock-Warnemünde and Poel.

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