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  • Objectives
    Language Door Los Angeles offers small interactive Indonesian classes! Our comfortable, casual environment helps to make learning Indonesian fun and convenient. We schedule our classes at times that work for busy adults. Enrich your life as you learn one language or learn many.
  • Course description
    For the Beginning A to Intermediate C classes, we use "Colloquial Indonesian" by Routledge. For subsequent classes, please contact us at our Los Angeles School to discuss further.

    Colloquial Indonesian is the ideal course for anybody wih an interest in the Indonesian languages. Throughout, the language presented and taught is the language used in everyday conversation, correspondence, newspapers, radio and television.

    The course comprises 17 lessons. Each lesson has a 'Reference grammar' section to summarizes the main grammar points covered. The 'Key to the exercises' gives you the answer to most of the exercises. The 'Indonesian-English glossary' is not only meant for looking up words that have been used in this book, but also for further understanding the Indonesian language system.

    120 minutes of audio material (either on CDs or cassettes) are available to get the best benefit from this course.

    Beginning A (chapters 1-4)

    Topics - Greetings, meeting people, asking for directions, numbers, etc.
    Grammar and usage - Pronunciation, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, compound nouns, negation, plural, indefinite articles, prepositions, independent verbs, etc.

    Beginning B (chapters 5-8)

    Topics - questions, like & dislike, days of the week, money, etc.
    Grammar and usage - The uses of 'nya,' double adjectives, verbs with prefix, prefix 'me,' assimilation of sounds, the word 'pernah,' etc.

    Beginning C (chapters 9-12)

    Topics - holidays, leisure activities, airport, conferences, etc.
    Grammar and usage - causative verbs, beneficent verbs, verbal noun-makers, the abstract noun-maker, transitive verb, passive sentences, giving orders, etc.

    Beginning D (chapters 13-17)

    Topics - job interview, shopping, travel plan, office environments, etc.
    Grammar and usage - comparative adjectives, superlative adjectives, suffix, accidental/unintentional actions, plural verb forms, etc.

    Intermediate and Advanced Classes

    If you would like to discuss material covered in these levels, contact us at our Los Angeles School.

    Language Description

    Indonesian is the westernmost branch of the Austronesian family of languages. It is the official language of Indonesia.

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