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  • Objectives
    Students learn how to:
    * Identify the main components of a video game overview document.
    * Discuss how game design documents are created and used in the game development industry.
    * Write an overview document that effectively introduces a game concept and provides summary information about the game.
    * Write a proposal document that communicates effectively to a broad audience of readers (marketers, developers, non-gamers, and so on).
    * Provide a breakdown of all pertinent game information in the proposal document phase, anticipating and answering all early questions about the game.
    * Communicate selling points and key features of a game through a proposal document.
    * Define art and audio direction as well as programming needs, screen displays, interface elements, and other details within a final design document.
    * Conceptualize and develop design goals for a design document.
    * Define the flow of the game through all levels, including start and end screens.
    * Create a sample design document that will showcase their game design and writing skills.
  • Entry requirements
    To take this course you'll need:
    * Computer with Internet connection (56 Kbps modem or faster).
    * Access to a current or next generation game console (Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo).
    * Some familiarity with reference video games highly recommended.
  • Course description
    Turn your video game concept into a complete development plan
    You've got a great idea for a video game. You've played it in your head over and over, and you know that it would be a hit given half a chance. But how do you take your game from concept to creation?

    For that, you'll need a design document, also known as a game bible, that describes every detail of your idea to the development team. Writing a design document is the single most important skill for a game designer to master. It's the number one way to show your game design talent to potential employers.

    In this three-lesson course, you'll learn how to create an overview, a proposal, and a sample design document for your very own hot game concept. You'll learn how designers use formal documentation to develop a concept and pitch it to business managers and game development teams. You'll learn how to turn the glimmer of an idea into a document that details every aspect of the game—art, audio, programming, interface, and more.

    This course is suitable not only for aspiring designers but also for anyone seeking to enter into a professional game industry environment. Veteran game designer Alex Jimenez will walk you through the ins and outs of pitches, proposals, and design docs, and share his tried-and-true rules of game development. In each exercise, you'll be challenged to flesh out your game concept, making it clear, convincing, and ready for production.

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