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  • Course description
    1.    Overview:

    The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures from Universidad de La Sabana offers the opportunity to improve the communicative competence in Spanish by means of:
    -    a culture and language immersion
    -    a course that includes standard general Spanish and specific purposes Spanish
    -    the practice of the language in different real life activities

    We offer two different options:

    -    General Spanish Course
    -    Intensive Spanish Course

    The course includes:

    General Spanish Course
    15 hours of Spanish classes (per week)   
    1 field trip  (per week)   
    1 cultural activity  (per week)   
    Class work guides 
    Placement test   
    Unlimited use of the language resource center  “Studium”  

    Intensive Spanish Course

    20 hours of Spanish classes (per week)
    1 field trip  (per week)
    1 cultural activity  (per week)
    Class work guides
    Placement test
    Unlimited use of the language resource center  “Studium”

    2.    Target group:
    Young and adults learners interested in improving communicative language skills.

    3.    General objective of the course:
    To improve the communicative competences in Spanish and the intercultural competence.

    4.    Methodology:
    Theoretical and practical sessions with a communicative approach in which the students work on the four language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading and learn an appropriate range of grammar and vocabulary. Students are given plenty of opportunities to participate in a great variety of real life activities.

    5.    Outcomes:
    -    Spanish communicative competence improvement
    -    Colombian and Latin-American cultural knowledge
    -    Colombian culture immersion

    6.    Duration of the Program:
    We offer the possibility of taking the course for any number of weeks in accordance with the interest of each participant. Courses start every Monday; therefore participants can choose any date for starting the program.

    7.    Schedule:
    -    Spanish classes: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (General Spanish Course) or from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (Intensive Spanish Course)
    -    Field trips and cultural activities: twice a week in the afternoon or one afternoon and Saturdays.

    8.    Location:
    -    Campus Universitario del Puente del Común, Autopista Norte de Bogotá, D.C., Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia

    9.    Accomodation:
    Three options are offered:

    First option
    -    Home-stay accommodation in Bogota
    -    Home-stay accommodation in Chía

    Bogota and Chía

    Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia and Chia is a small town located just 8 kilometers from Bogota.

    Chia has the advantage of being located very close to the university (only five minutes by car); this makes transportation fast and easy for people studying at the Universidad de La Sabana.
    Accommodation is offered in both cities. Home stay arrangements with Spanish-speaking families where students can share daily life are offered.
    Participants will have an individual bedroom and could have extra services like breakfast, laundry service or washer available, internet and cable tv.

    Host families are carefully chosen to assure a kind, comfortable, clean and safe service. Accommodation will always be in safe neighborhoods with nearby public transportation.

    Second and third option
    We also offer apartments for rent and hotels at special rates. Information will be sent upon request.

    10.    Field trips and Cultural activities:

    At least two activities are organized per week:
    -    City tours to famous monuments, museums and colonial surroundings
    -    Visits to natural parks and places of interest
    -    Concerts & theatre performances
    -    Sightseeing tours
    -    Restaurants & nightclubs
    -    Rafting
    -    Ecological hike
    -    Tejo (Colombian sport)
    -    Much more

    11.    Cost:
    -    General Spanish Course: from USD $180 to USD $100 per week
    -    Intensive Spanish Course: from USD $ 300 to USD $250 per week
    -    Accommodation: Home stay in Bogota USD $ 140 per week
    -    Accommodation: Home stay in Chia USD $ 70 per week
    -    Airport pick up (optional): USD $ 20 (Bogota), USD $30 (Chia)
    -    finding accommodation fee: USD $ 40

    Intensive Spanish Course USD $ (Per week)
    One week - 300
    2-7  -  275
    8-15  -  270
    16-22  -  265
    23  -  260
    24  -  250

    General Spanish Course USD $ (Per week)
    1 to 4  -  180
    5-6  -  170
    7-15  -  150
    16  -  145
    17  -  137
    18  -  130
    19  -  124
    20  -  118
    21  -  113

    12.    Additional costs:
    The additional costs to be considered and that are not included in the proposal are:
    -    Airplane ticket.
    -    Local transportation: Public transportation in Bogota and Chia is very cheap; the fare per trip is approximately USD $0.60. From Bogota to Universidad de La Sabana, students must take 2 buses; from Chia to the University, students need to take 1 bus.
    -    Meals: Lunch at Universidad de La Sabana costs USD$3; menu dishes cost from USD $4 to USD $9
    -    Entertainment: Bogotá offers a great variety of options for those who want to go out at night. Starting at approximately USD $12, people can find nice places to go to.

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