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  • Course description
    Language Door Los Angeles offers small interactive Arabic classes.

     Our comfortable, casual environment helps to make learning Arabic fun and convenient. We schedule our classes at times that work for busy adults. Enrich your life as you learn one language or learn many.

     For Arabic Beginning A and Beginning B level, We use "Alif Baa - Introduction to Arabic letters and sounds" by Georgetown University Press.

    Beginning A (Alif Baa Unit 1-5)
    Beginning B (Alif Baa Unit 6-10)

    In teaching the sounds and letters of Arabic, Alif Baa provides a variety of exercises aimed at developing the crucial nascent skills of reading, listening, writing, speaking, and cultural understanding. In conjunction with learning how to read and write the alphabet, Alif Baa introduces about 150 basic vocabulary words, including conventional forms of politeness and social greetings.

    For Beginning C level to Intermediate C level, We use "Al-Kitaab" by Georgetown University Press.

    Beginning C (Al-kitaab, Unit 1-4)

    Masculine & feminine, the definite article, the nisba adjective, the question, Arabic names, pronound, the plural, possessive pronouns, the present tense, adverbs, noun-adjective phrases, etc.

    Intermediate A (Al-Kitaab, Unit 5-9)

    Prepositions with pronouns, fronted predicate, the past tense, negation of past tense roots and patters, non-human plural agreement, the time, object pronouns, etc.

    Intermediate B (Al-Kitaab, Unit 6-14)

    Review verb chart, quantifiers, the superlative, the future, future negation, subject-verb agreement, definite and indefinite, etc.

    Intermediate C (Al-Kitaab, Unit 15-20)

    The comparative, case markings, colors, reading dates, more reviews, etc.

    Advanced levels

    If you would like to discuss material covered in these levels, contact us at our Los Angeles School.

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