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  • Course description

    Hult's International Business major provides the background, skills, and technological expertise for students to assume a responsible position in a private or public sector enterprise.

    This program fosters graduates who can communicate, integrate and synthesize, and take a wider look at business, thereby understanding the global economic and political environment. This business studies degree focuses on integrating theory and practice, so that students understand the internal and external environments of business, while the selection of a concentration gives students an edge in a particular area. Students may elect to take any of the ten Hult International Business major concentrations, but typical choices include Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, International Economics, Management & Leadership, and Marketing.

    Core Business Major Courses
    Year One 
    Macro Economics
    Micro Economics

    Year Two
    Financial Accounting I and II
    Finance I and II

    Year Three

    Analysis and interpretation of quantitative Data
    Ethical Practicesand Global Legal Principles
    Marketing Research & Business Information Research

    Year Four

    Strategic Management & Policy (incl.Business Game)

    International Business Major Learning Objectives:
    • To provide students with a broad understanding of a range of modern industrial, commercial, and public sector organizations and the conceptual frameworks upon which the study of business and management is based.
    • Gain practical and transferable skills to work in a variety of fields in business and management.
    • Develop the management, leadership, and collaboration skills needed to work well in teams and to lead them
    • Sharpen critical thinking skills through case analysis and problem-solving.
    • Understand the role of ethics and social responsibility within the business community, society, and government.
    Year 1 Courses: General Education Core Competencies
    All our students undertake Hult’s General Education courses as a foundation for their bachelor degree, gaining the basic knowledge and skills needed in higher education.

    Core Competencies include information literacy, verbal and written communication skills, and numeracy. Students take a foundation course in each of the three majors of Business, International Relations, and Communications, followed by electives in Science, Social Science, Arts & Humanities, and Ethics.

    Course Objectives:
    • To help students develop the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to succeed as active, productive, professional adults.
    • To provide students with a tool kit for intellectual and social inquiry, as a foundation for Hult’s undergraduate programs.
    • To generate skills in critical thinking, and to encourage the development of good research techniques and study habits.
    • To introduce students to a range of academic disciplines and modes of thought.
    • To develop an awareness of the diversity of human thought, culture, and belief systems.
    • To enable students to place economic, social, and political debates into an ethical framework.
    • To highlight the symbiotic relationship between the global and local levels of analysis.
    Hult General Education Courses:
    • Academic English 1 & 2
    • Communications, Creativity & Power
    • Contemporary Ethical Debates
    • Fundamentals of International Relations
    • Group Communication & Teamwork
    • Information Literacy
    • Literature, Arts, & Culture
    • Management Practices & the Business Environment
    • Multicultural London
    • Public Speaking
    • Quantitative Skills
    • Science & Society
    Hult’s General Education courses also include ‘professional communication’ electives. These courses provide transferable skills designed to help assimilate graduates into a professional working environment or continue their university studies after graduation. Employers cite communication skills as the number one criterion when assessing applicants for professional posts. The Hult Professional Communication track is designed to ensure Hult graduates possess these vital skills, satisfying potential employers and giving students a professional edge in a competitive graduate job market.

    Hult Professional Communication Courses:
    • Assessment & Feedback
    • Corporate Communications
    • Cross-cultural Communication
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Group Communication & Teamwork
    • Interviewing & Presenting
    • Mastering the Pitch
    • Negotiations & Problem Solving
    • Professional Development
    • Psychology & Human Relations
    • Public Speaking
    International Business Major Career Opportunities:
    Students in our business studies program earn a Bachelor of Science in Business and upon graduation can explore career and professional opportunities in:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Manufacturing
    • Positions in multi-national corporations
    • Project Management
    • Risk Analysis

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