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  • Course description

    The economics curriculum is designed to serve a variety of student educational objectives. Emphasis is placed on understanding economic behavior and institutions and the development of specific analytical skills. An economics major is especially appropriate for students interested in careers within business, accounting, law, government or teaching.

    Students majoring in economics take a combination of courses suited to their particular interests. Major requirements are flexible and, with department approval, can be modified to fit the program interests of individual students. Liberal provisions are made for the individual student, either as a major or as a non-major, to choose electives from an extensive list of special-interest courses.

    Economics: Major Requirements

    The major in economics requires ten courses distributed as follows:

    1. Core Requirement (three courses)

        * Economics 50. Principles of Economic Analysis
        * Economics 101. Intermediate Microeconomics
        * Economics 102. Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Notes: - Economics 101 and 102 require completion of basic calculus at the level of Mathematics 30. Calculus I, or higher;
    - Students should complete Economics 101 or 102 prior to taking level II elective courses in the major.

    2. Statistics Skill Requirement (one course)

    One course is required in basic statistics and empirical methods. This requirement is usually met by completing Economics 120, Statistics. With department approval, students may meet the statistics requirement by showing proficiency through another appropriate statistics course (or courses). The statistics requirement should be completed concurrently with the Core Requirement.

    3. Electives Requirement (six courses) beyond the Core and Statistics Skill requirements.

    Elective courses are arranged in two categories according to prerequisites:

        * Level I elective courses: these courses only require Economics 50 as a prerequisite;
        * Level II elective courses: these courses require Economics 101 and/or Economics 102, or a more advanced economics course as a prerequisite;

    Majors must take at least 4 level II elective courses toward the major.

    Notes: - Accounting courses (Economics 86 through 160, with the exception of 151 and 157) are level I elective courses for economics majors.
    - Economics 126. Econometrics is highly recommended for all students majoring in economics.

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