Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

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    Pre-Major Requirements

    Non-transfer students must have a minimum Primary Score of 3.3 to be eligible for the major.

    You can determine your eligibility for the major by visiting the Primary Score Calculator and inputting your grades.

    Transfer students in this category must meet one of the following:

       1. Have a minimum 3.5 GPA in Econ 11 and 101, and a minimum 3.3 cumulative UCLA GPA.
       2. or Have a minimum 3.3 GPA in Econ 11 and 101 and a minimum 3.5 GPA in Econ 11, 101 and all Economics courses with at least Economics 11 as a prerequisite and a minimum 3.3 cumulative UCLA GPA.

    For both non-transfer and transfer students to be eligible for the major, you must have completed all of the pre-major requirements with a minimum 3.0 GPA and a “C” or better in each course. Please note that your grade in the writing course is not calculated into your pre-major GPA, however, you must earn a minimum grade of “C”.

    You are allowed a maximum of one course repeat in the pre-major (First grade must be C- or lower) and you can repeat that one course one time only. Repetition of more than one pre-major course or of one pre-major course more than once will result in automatic denial of admission to the major.

    All pre-major and the major courses must be taken for a letter grade.

    You must be in good standing at UCLA at the time you apply in order to be considered for admission. This means that you cannot be on Probation or Subject to Dismissal status.

    As a non-transfer, your application will be accepted if you have completed between 72 and 135 units. (AP units will not be included if they bring your total over 135.) Applications are sent out via Econ-Alert only and are accepted within the first three weeks of each quarter, including Summer Session A.

    Transfer students can apply at the beginning of Winter, Spring or Summer after transferring to UCLA.

    Please note that you are subject to any requirement changes in both the pre-major and the major until you are officially admitted to the major. You are not “protected” for the major requirements under the catalog in which you were admitted to UCLA.

    You are permitted to enroll in upper division Economics courses prior to being admitted to the major (except for courses restricted to Senior Business-Economics majors: Economics 106's) as long as you have fulfilled the prerequisites for the courses. Please review the most recent version of the UCLA catalog each time you register for courses to ensure that you have fulfilled the prerequisites required for the courses. Most upper division Economics courses require completion of at least Economics 11 and many also require completion of Economics 101 and/or 102. Prerequisites will be enforced by URSA and no exceptions will be granted.

    Major Requirements

    You must complete the courses in the major with a minimum 2.0 grade point average and a minimum grade of “C-” in each course.

    Economics 102 should be taken soon after Economics 101 (Economics 11, 101, and 102 must be taken in sequence).

    Fields of Economics: Each number series denotes a different field. Examples: all of the courses in the 140 series (such as Economics 141A, 141B, 143, 147A...) are one field; all the courses in the 170 series (Economics 170, 171, 172) are another field (refer to the UCLA catalog for specific field topics). So, if, for example, you take Econ. 107 and 130, these courses are from two different number series and so the remaining courses can be from the same number series. In other words, two of the three Economics electives can be from the same field, as long as two are from different fields. Exceptions are the Economics 106's, which are in varying fields.

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