Bachelor of Science in Biophysics

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  • Course description
    The Penn Undergraduate Biophysics Major is designed to provide education in depth in the physical sciences in association with an understanding of biological phenomena and problems, and to provide the background necessary for understanding the sophisticated methods of contemporary biophysical and biomedical research.
    The goal is to
    prepare graduates who can go on for graduate or professional study, or who can enter immediately into professional positions in biomedical research and development and in biotechnology. The choices made by past biophysics majors reflect the breadth of the major. Some have pursued doctoral study in areas of biological research such a biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, marine biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, physics and physiology. Others have attended professional schools in business, education, law, and medicine. The biophysics program is best suited for students with keen interest and ability in the physical sciences combined with the desire to explore fascinating and important topics in the life sciences.

    Course Requirements:
    Biology 202
    Cell Biology and Biochemistry Biology 402
    Biological Chemistry or -- Chemistry 251 Principles of Biological Chemistry

    PHYSICS (5 c.u.)
    Physics 150
    Principles of Physics I. Mechanics and Wave Motion Physics 151
    Principles of Physics II. Electromagnetism and Radiation Physics 361
    Electromagnetism I. Electricity and Potential Theory Physics 362
    Electromagnetism II. Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations, and Electromagnetic Waves

    CHEMISTRY (7 c.u.)
    Chemistry 101
    General Chemistry Chemistry 102
    General Chemistry II Chemistry 053
    General Chemistry Laboratory I Chemistry 054
    General Chemistry Laboratory II (CHEM245 may be substituted for 053/054, for students with advanced placement credit in Chemistry)
    Chemistry 221 or
    Physics 230
    Physical Chemistry I
    Waves and Thermodynamics
    Chemistry 222 or
    Physics 240
    Physical Chemistry II
    Wave Mechanics
    Chemistry 241 Principles of Organic Chemistry Chemistry 242 Principles of Organic Chemistry

    MATHEMATICS (4 c.u.)
    Mathematics 104
    Calculus for the Natural Sciences, Part I Mathematics 114
    Calculus for the Natural Sciences, Part II Mathematics 240
    Calculus, Part III Mathematics 241 Calculus, Part IV

    BIOPHYSICS (2 c.u.) 
    Physics 280 or 580 Biological Physics (note: 580 not offered every year)
    One credit unit of electives from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics department. Course offerings vary each year. Just a few examples: Physics 529 Modern Optics BE 480 Introduction to Medical Imaging Chemistry 666 Biological Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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