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Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with a Concentration in Physics/Engineering

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Comments about Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with a Concentration in Physics/Engineering - At the institution - Boone - NC - North Carolina

  • Course description
    Applied physicists often do interdisciplinary work in areas that combine elements of both physics and engineering.   Industrial laboratories such as Lucent Technology, Xerox, General Electric, Ford, Westinghouse, and IBM support   applied and basic research in areas such as condensed matter physics, materials science, optics, electronics, and   communications. Large government laboratories such as Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Fermilab, Livermore, Argonne,   Los Alamos, and Lincoln Labs - support both basic and applied research in many areas such as high-energy physics,   nuclear physics, medical physics, energy research, and solid state physics. Opportunities exist for physics graduates   as computer programmers, technicians, and research assistants in university, government, and industrial   laboratories. With a bachelor's degree and the appropriate certification, graduates can teach high school physics and   obtain the certification to teach mathematics as well. Graduate study in astronomy, engineering, and physics, as well   as law and medical school, are open to the qualified applied physics B.S. recipient and will lead to advanced degrees   and higher-level professional appointment opportunities with the above institutions, as well as, the possibility of   university faculty status.

    Strongly recommended courses
    Classical Mechanics
    Electromagnetic Fields & Waves
    Thermal Physics
    Computational Methods in Physics & Engineering
    Digital Electronics Intro.
    Chemistry I Intro.
    Chemistry I Lab Intro.
    Chemistry II Intro.
    Chemistry II
    Lab Computer Science I Intro. to Linear Algebra Differential Equations

    Other recommended courses (may vary depending on type of engineering)
    Optics Modern Physics II
    Analog Circuits
    Quantum Mechanics
    Advanced Microprocessor Inter & Robotics Microcontrollers Internship
    Organic Chem I
    Organic Chem Lab I
    Intro to Physical Geology
    Intro to Environmental and Applied Geology
    Intro to Life Science I
    Intro to Life Science II
    Intro to Botany
    Intro to Zoology
    Environmental Studies
    Computer Science - II Assembly Language & Machine Operation Numerical Methods Methods of Applied Mathematics

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