Bachelor of Science in Animal Science - Animal Nutrition Concentration

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  • Course description
    The animal nutrition study area provides students the opportunity to prepare for numerous career opportunities in the growing field of animal nutrition. Students can focus on nutrition for production or companion animals. Students interested in animal nutrition can choose from a number of opportunities available to them in the animal science department. In addition to the nutrition courses taught in the department, students are able to develop topics of study for one of the special problems courses, participate in numerous enterprises, work at the Cal Poly Animal Nutrition Center, and develop a senior project focused on animal nutrition.

    The animal science department offers a number of nutrition courses. These courses help prepare students for the numerous careers available in the area of animal nutrition.

    ASCI 220 Introductory Animal Nutrition and Feeding (4)
    Food nutrients, identification and nutrient quality of feedstuffs and uses for each class of livestock. Ration formulation based on the digestion and utilization of feeds. Economy and least price purchasing based on nutrient content and market value of livestock. 3 lectures and 1 laboratory.

    ASCI 346 Equine Nutrition (3)
    Equine digestion, diet development considerations and evaluations, nutritional management, and the relationship of respective topics to recommended feeding practices, research data, and nutritional portfolios. Information is based on recent advances in horse nutrition and the National Research Council's Nutrient Requirements for Horses. A distance learning course. 3 lectures. Prerequisite: ASCI 224 and ASCI 220.

    ASCI 350 Applied Nonruminant Nutrition (4)
    Comparison of nonruminant and ruminant digestive systems, nutrient requirements, risk management for ingredients, formulation and nutritional management. Influence of growth and production curves, consumption patterns, and feeding management in commercial poultry and swine industries. Feed manufacturing and governmental regulations. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prerequisite: ASCI 220 or DSCI 101.

    ASCI 420 Animal Nutrition (3)
    Metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins and water, and the relationship of nutrient utilization to animal production. 3 lectures. Prerequisite: ASCI 220 and CHEM 212/312 (or CHEM 216/316 and CHEM 217/317).

    DSCI 301 Dairy Cattle Nutrition (4)
    Principles of dairy cattle nutrition and management and their application to economical feeding practices and computerized ration formulation. 3 lectures, 1 activity. Prerequisite: DSCI 101 and DSCI 121 or DSCI 230.

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