Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

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  • Objectives
    Philosophy, with its exploration of nature and values and of the possibility and means of knowledge, lies at the heart of culture and at the foundation of many other disciplines. In method, the UCLA department is analytic in orientation. Its faculty is strong in the history of philosophy, logic and philosophy of language, ethics and value theory, and metaphysics. However, no regular faculty members specialize in current continental European philosophy (e.g. existentialism, phenomenology, Marxism) or oriental philosophy, although courses in European philosophy are offered by the department.
  • Course description
    Preparation for the major (Four courses)

    Philosophy 7 or 21

    Philosophy 22

    Philosophy 31

    One additional lower division Philosophy course

    Major (Thirteen courses)

    100A, 100B, and 100C

    Seven courses, two from three of the four groups and one from the remaining group:

            Group I--History (Courses 101A-119; 201-220)
            Group II--Logic/Semantics (Courses 124-137; 221A-233)
            Group III--Ethics and Value Theory (Courses 150-166; 241-M257)
            Group IV--Metaphysics/Epistemology (Courses 170-188; 271-289)

    Three additional upper division or graduate level Philosophy courses

    * Contract courses (Philosophy 199) can be applied toward the elective portion of the major only (not the group component)--the Department will accept a maximum of 8 units of a 199 on the major.
    * No course on the prep for the major nor the major itself can be taken P/NP--all major courses must be taken for a letter grade.
    * Students can declare the major upon completion of 12 units of Philosophy at UCLA.
    * Upon completion of 12 units of Philosophy at UCLA, students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major and overall.
     * The major can be declared with the Staff Advisor in 329 Dodd.

    Skills and interests compatible with the major
    Good writing skills; analytical thinking; mathematical skills (for a logic concentration); interest in morality, law, politics, religion, science, history or mathematics.

    Career opportunities
    The bachelor's degree in philosophy is excellent preparation for law school and for graduate work in philosophy. Courses in ethics are also recommended for medical students who may find it necessary in their work to make moral decisions, and to take moral stands. A logic specialty coupled with some courses in mathematics is excellent preparation for entering into the field of computers and other technological fields.

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