Bachelor of Arts in English Writing

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  • Course description
    Major Program Requirements
    ENLE 200 Literary Studies
    ENWR264 Introduction to Creative Writing
    ENWR 498 Capstone Seminar

    A. Foreign Language Requirements
    A modern or classical second language through the intermediate level.

    B. Writing Requirements
    One Additional 200- or 300-level Writing Course: ENWR 203, 305, 306, 337, or 347
    One Additional 400-level Writing Course
    ENWR 451, or 461
    Three Writing Electives:
    Any ENWR 300- or 400- level

    C. Overlapping Writing Requirements
    Two Creative Writing Courses:
    ENWR 337, 347, or 461
    Two Professional Writing Courses
    ENWR 203, 305, or 306

    The same courses may count for both “Overlapping Writing Requirements” and for “Writing Requirements” (above).

    D. Language and Literature Requirement
    Two Courses in Literature Written before 1800:
    ENLT 300-359 or 400-459
    Two Courses in Literature Written since 1800:
    ENLT 360-399 or 460-499
    Two Literature Electives:
    Any ENLT courses, SP 301, 302, FR 301, 302, 404, or GM 405
    Two Courses in English Language and Criticism:
    Any ENLE course

    E. Literature Diversity Requirement
    One Course in a Single Marginalized Group or in World Literature:
    ENLT ending in 0 or 1 or with middle number 3 - or SP 301, 302, 
    FR 301, 302, 404, or GM 405

    The same course may count for credit for both “Literature Diversity
    Requirement” and for “Language and Literature Requirements” (above).

    Minimum 48 credits, 16 courses, plus foreign language
    The department strongly encourages majors to take one of their literature
    courses in a language other than English.
    English Writing Minor Requirements
    Program Requirements
    Twenty-one credits of English writing beyond ENWR 102, including:
    ENLE 200 Literary Studies
    ENLE 341 Introduction to the English Language

    And any combination of the following to complete the requirement
    ENWR 203 Expository Writing
    ENWR 264 Creative Writing
    ENWR 301 Business Writing
    ENWR 305 Technical Writing
    ENWR 306 Writing for the Media
    ENWR 337/347 Creative Writing Genres and Modes
    ENWR 363 Literary Translation
    ENWR 451 Career Internship
    ENWR 461 Advanced Creative Writing

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