Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies

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  • Course description
      The Classical Studies program operates under the aegis of the Department of Languages and Literature. With its particular focus upon the study of the Classical Greek and Latin languages, and ancillary courses offered through other departments (e.g., art, history, theology, philosophy), the program is designed to prepare students with a major/minor concentration for advanced study in the Classics and related fields. The program also serves the needs and interests of a range of students from other majors and from the community at large, for whom the study of Greek or Latin satisfies a personal interest or complements their academic pursuits. The knowledge, discipline, critical thinking and problem solving skills developed through the Classical Studies program are widely applicable and adaptable to the exigencies of an ever changing world; they engender habits of mind and heart well appreciated by a broad spectrum of graduate and professional programs and employers, and promote personal satisfaction, life-long learning, and intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. Curriculum

    Notwithstanding the lack of native speakers, the Greeks and Romans continue to live through the interplay of reader and text. Our approach to teaching Latin and Greek is eclectic, combining the best practices from the long history of classical scholarship with modern theories of language acquisition and the latest in technological aids–all aimed at helping students acquire as quickly as possible the requisite linguistic knowledge, habits, and skills to enable them to address authentic texts on their own.

    Major Program RequirementsForty-eight semester credits including:

    LA 101-102  Introductory Latin
    LA 203-204  Intermediate Latin
    GK 201-202  Introductory Greek
    GK 301-302  Intermediate Greek
    CLST 491  Senior Research Seminar
    CLST 492  Senior Writing Seminar

    Other Program RequirementsEighteen semester credits from the following:
    ART 110  Art Appreciation
    ENLT 215F  Survey of Classical Literature
    HI 201  Greek History
    HI 202  Roman History
    HI 203-204  Medieval History
    HI 301-302  History of the Catholic Church
    LL 220  Introduction to Linguistics
    PHIL 151  Ancient Philosophy
    PHIL 202  Medieval Philosophy
    TH 207  Introduction to the Old Testament
    TH 208  Introduction to the New Testament
    TH 303  History of Christian Thought

    All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies are required to write a comprehensive paper. By April 1 of the junior year, students must submit a proposal stating the topic of the comprehensive paper and signed by the faculty member who has agreed to direct the paper.

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