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  • Objectives
    The Davidson College Psychology Department strives to provide our students a world-class education, second to none, in all aspects of the discipline of psychology, now and in the future. We also strive to create and maintain a climate of daily excellence within the Department, in which our faculty may flourish in their professional growth as contributors to the field, reaching their highest level of professional attainments, supported and celebrated by their peers.
  • Practical experience
    Our Educational Goals:
    * To provide thorough, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge of the principal subfields in psychology for both majors and nonmajors. This goal includes an orientation to the following: the historical and theoretical foundations of psychology; the research methods and technology used to increase knowledge in the discipline; the key philosophical and ethical issues in both gaining and using that knowledge; the experience of work in laboratory or field research; and, the experience of the application of psychology to practical issues, through internships, practica, teaching experiences, and field-related courses.
    * To help both majors and nonmajors, through a deep understanding of the theory, research, and practice of psychology, become more informed and discriminating consumers of psychological research in the popular press as well as professional sources, become more effective managers of their personal and professional relationships, and become exemplars of good citizenship in their communities, broadly defined.
    * To fully prepare students for graduate work leading to advanced degrees in any subfield of the discipline in any psychology or psychology-related graduate program, leading to careers in academics, neuroscience, the mental health profession, management, human resources, psychometrics, and organization development, among many others.
    * Through the department’s emphasis on the critical thinking skills of the scientific method, to fully prepare students for graduate or professional training in fields other than psychology (e.g., law, medicine, the ministry, communications, education), or for direct entry into careers in the organizational world (e.g., general management, manufacturing, information systems, sales, and financial services).
    * To help our students learn to contribute to the knowledge base of the discipline of psychology through research and professional involvements with faculty. Student/professor partnership in scholarly investigation constitutes a hallmark of the psychology major. This partnership may result in independent studies, theses, conference presentations, and even coauthorship of scholarly publications.
  • Course description
    When planning your courses, remember that the following 10 courses are required to fulfill the requirements for a psychology major:
    • 101
    • 310
    • One methods course from Physiological or Cognitive areas
    • One methods course from Developmental or Social-I/O-Clinical areas
    • One additional methods course, any column
    • At least one seminar, any column
    • 3 electives, any columns (can include seminars, tutorials, practica)
    • One capstone (400, 401, 402)
    In addition, you must meet the distribution requirement. This means you must take at least one course from each of the four major areas of psychology: 1) physiological, 2) cognitive, 3) developmental, 4) social - I/O - clinical.

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