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Bachelor Degree in Psychology - Online

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  • Course description
    Psychology is the study of human behavior. The Psychology major provides a foundation in human physiological, mental, intellectual, personality, and social development. Specific coursework is focused on research, theories and processes useful for understanding oneself and others both as individuals and as members of various societies, groups, cultures and organizations.

    Psychology students are encouraged to think critically, to analyze and integrate information from other disciplines and sources, and to draw conclusions which can lead to the application of psychology to the identification and realization of individual and group goals. The study of psychology partners well with liberal arts coursework and facilitates ethical thinking, self-awareness and empathy within a global community.

    The Curriculum

    Liberal Arts Studies Courses

        * LAS 30012 Proseminar OR
              o LAS 20010 College Seminar I and LAS 20020 College Seminar II
        * LAS 45012 Graduation Review

    Plus 6 credit-hours in each of the following Breadth Areas:

        * Art/Expression
        * Social/Civic
        * Science/Description
        * Value/Meaning

    Major Required Courses

        * PSY 12053 Principles of Psychology
        * PSY 36000 Statistics for the Social Sciences
        * PSY 30153 Theories of Personality
        * PSY 30353 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
        * PSY 31354 Physiological Psychology
        * PSY 32253 Research Design and Analysis
        * PSY 32353 Developmental Psychology
        * PSY 40854 History & Systems of Psychology
        * PSY 32153 Social Psychology OR
              o SOC 30653 Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism
        * PSY 49201 Seminar in Psychology (Capstone Course)

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