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  • Course description
    An education in economics at Emory & Henry enables you to better understand many issues and, ultimately, to help resolve them. What promotes economic growth? What causes inflation and unemployment? Why does OPEC have such a hard time maintaining high oil prices? Is it sensible to worry about the national debt? Who is helped and who is hurt by a tariff? Why don't more people vote? What are the best ways to clean up the environment? Does lowering prices help the poor? Why did the Soviet economy fail? What effects do product liability laws have on the frequency and cost of accidents?

    Economics should be an attractive major to those who are curious about social phenomena and who are unwilling to accept the superficial answers that often dominate public discussions. At Emory & Henry, we teach the traditional curriculum taught by the large majority of undergraduate programs. The emphasis in all courses is on explaining why social phenomena occur and what the effects of private behavior and government policies are.

    However, because economics is in part about economic policies, courses also include the appraisal of market behavior and government policies using the criteria of efficiency and, to a lesser extent, equity. We believe that both markets and government can be imperfect instruments for managing society's scarce resources.

    Course Information

    The E&H Economics Department offers a bachelor of arts degree in economics, which is aimed at giving a broad background in economic theory and policy, preparing you to better understand human behavior and the events that shape our lives. The degree also is designed to prepare you for graduate study in economics, law, and public policy, and for work in government and industry.

    The strength of economics is that it offers an effective way of understanding a variety of behaviors and social problems. The study of economics covers topics ranging from explaining personal decisions to choosing policies for promoting the welfare of society.

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